The Bear Necessities

January 2, 2019

Managing the Stress of Your Children During the Holidays

  • Steps for Tomorrow

    • Make a routine book for things that will be out of routine before the break. Create the book together with the students and read it often in the weeks before the break.
    • Be aware of your own emotional state and what you are bringing to the classroom
    • Do something that builds classroom family that replicates your own home family
    • Have open conversations about feelings that arrive during the time leading up to holiday breaks
    • See the video below: You may want to seek the following times
  • 24:53 Returning to the school family after long holiday breaks
  • 26:57 Steps for tomorrow

Give yourself permission to celebrate being together again as a school family. Give yourself permission to practice skills in fun ways. Do not have big lesson plans, have fun bonding and relearning of routine items planned. You've got this!!

Big picture

Focus on Math

Subitizing is the ability to “see” and recognize a small number of objects and know instantly how many there are without counting. Subitizing tells you what number you roll on a sixsided die—most adults no longer have to count the dots after playing board games for a while. It’s an important foundational skill for children’s development of number sense.

EC Teachers - training on Jan 2

Para Staff - training at next para staff mtg

PAT Staff - training at next staff mtg

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