How to use scratch!

Step by step guide.

This is a guide to make a basic game on scratch!

Step one: open scratch

Step 2:

Under the white box with the sprite in, there are three little boxes click the middle one with the folder and the star to change the sprite.

Step 3:

A box will pop up and you will have to press the folder which says things, then scroll down till you find the tennis ball and open it up.

Step 4:

To delete the cat right click on it and press delete .

Step 5:

Then the top right hand side of the white box there are four icons click the one on the far right and then continuously click on the tennis ball to shrink it.

Step 6:

To change the background click the stage and then in the middle section click on the second tab that says background and then click edit.

Step 7:

The background should look like this.

Step 8:

When you click on the ball click the tab that says scripts and then copy this onto it.

Step 9:

For every different colour script there are different boxes that you click on e.g for the green oine press operators, for the orange press motion...

Step 10:

In stead of opening a sprite click on the button next to the folder that says paint new sprite. Then paint a small red rectangle then press ok.

Step 11:

Right click the red rectangle and press duplicate.

Step 12 :

Copy this onto the scripts on sprite3 and also onto sprite 4 but on sprite4 change the key where it says q and a to o and l.

Step 13:

finally move sprite 4 over to the right of the screen and press the green flag and your ready to play.