Together We Can Make a Change

Dress to Impress

Why should we change the dress code?

The dress code is too strict. Girls can't even wear a sheer shirt with a tanktop under anymore. That isn't showing anything inappropriate. Shoulders aren't bad, everyone has them and everyone has seen them.

Who should monitor the dress code/How can the staff monitot it?

  1. One of the FEMALE admonistrators should be the final decision about the dress code. Having a male catch females on dress code can be awkward for the girls, especially if it is due to too short of shorts, or too low cut of a shirt.

2. The administration/staff will still be the final decision. To check for short length what they should do it have you cross your arms in front of your body and they cant be any shorter than that. Southlake does this, and Argle High School. It's unfair for the girl who have shhort leg and long arms, or even then girls with just long arms. They have to wear really long shorts, and in early August its very hot and that's not fair that they cant wear shots due to their body type.