3-Digit Addition

Target:Use place value understanding of round whole numbers.

Your Goal

In order to master this learning target and improve your score you need to complete the following activities to show your teacher that you are a level 3.

Watch the video to remind you of the steps for adding three-digit numbers.

Time to Practice

Play this game at Cool-Math games to practice your 3-digit addition skills. Remember to choose 3-digit problems and to write the problem on a dry-erase board.

Feeling up for a challenge?

This game requires you to do 3-digit addition problems in under 30 seconds. You will need to have a dry-erase board and marker handy so you can write down the problems. Be sure you choose Home Run for your hit so that you are practicing 3-digit problems.

Ready to Show what you Know?

Remember to solve the problems on a dry-erase board and record your answers.