Elm Class Update

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Sending out Love to Anabell

The Elm class is sending out our best wishes to Anabell as she heals. On Tuesday, we called Anabell so we could ask questions and tell her how much we miss her.

Retell the Story

In reading this week, we are practicing retelling. Readers check that they understand the stories they read by retelling the events in the story.

We are using our five fingers and sequencing words as a guide to a retell.

  1. First...
  2. Then...
  3. Next...
  4. After...
  5. Finally...

When reading at home, model retelling a shared book and ask you child to retell books they read independently. When readers retell, they may notice that they missed important information. If your child shows confusion, encourage them to use the pictures to recall events and reread.

Sight Words this Week

This week first graders added these words to the word wall:




Look for these words in your child's book as you read at home and our poem of the week.

If you like, try to write a poem or story using all three words!

Big image

Continuing Work with Patterns

This week Elms have been studying repeating patterns as well as growing patterns!
Big image
This week students continued to work with patterns. Students defined a pattern as a repeating sequence and the unit as the part that repeats. We worked to break apart, rebuild, and identify the unit in patterns.

Growing Patterns

We built some designs using tiles. Then we tried to discover a rule that governed the way the design was growing. Students were asked to come up with a way to predict how many tiles would be in the tenth, twelfth, or fourteenth series by using this rule. This was challenging stuff! We worked together to discuss our theories.

At home, you can create patterns together with pieces of cereal, fruit, or other food items. Then you can, identify the unit, or repeating part in the pattern.

You could also start a growing jar.

Start with a small number of objects in a jar (e.g., one penny). Each day, add 2 more of the same object. Help your child record how many are in the jar each day. Ask your child how the pattern of pennies in the jar will continue for the next two or three days. When you have reached 10 days, empty the jar and start again. Change the start number and the number added and try it again. Try to keep the total number of pennies fewer than 30.

Integrated Project Time

Each first grader is working on a living systems outreach project.

As a part of our research, we interviewed a compost expert to learn more about how compost works in the natural world. Kim told us that "compost happens". The worms speed up the process to make food for plans, but composting would happen naturally.

We plan to share our knowledge of living systems through these projects on Thursday, April 2nd at 2:00.

We hope you can join us and learn from fist graders about living systems.

Writing Fiction

This week we continued to write fiction stories. Students worked to plan out a story as the beginning middle and end of a story with a made up character.

Ameyia was inspired to write a story with Anabell as a character.

March Family Conferences

It is time to schedule conferences. Please use the following doodle link to schedule a time to meet that will work for you.

We will have your child's progress report available before each conference time. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to review your child's report.

Childcare with Compass staff will be available during conference times. We will contact you with confirmation of your scheduled time next week.

Thank you and we are looking forward to our conference.