Knowsys Unit 18 Cartoon Collage

By: Cole Crawford, Abhi Mohan, Ken Nomura, and Sahil Patel


Over The Hedge - SKUNK NUKE!!!
In this animated clip from "Over the Hedge", the skunk, Stella, releases a pungent odor that spreads throughout the house. As the stench flows outward, it disseminates throughout the general area.


Angler Fish Scene (Nemo)
In this scene from "Finding Nemo", Melvin and Dory are lured into the depths of the ocean by light given off from a glowing source. As the two don't find out until the end, the light that entrances them is actually being emanated by a frightening angler fish that wishes to consume them.


In this video clip from "Spongebob Squarepants", Squidward and Spongebob decide to go on strike. They start by making picket signs and giving aggressive speeches as they declare the Krusty Krab as unfair. Throughout this whole clip, the two are on a crusade to tell others that the restaurant is wrongful for its lack of payment to employees.


In this "Disney" short,"Chip and Dale", the two chipmunks are trying to retrieve their lost acorns. Once Chip and Dale locate their food in Pluto's dog house, they attempt to get the acorns back. In the end, they finally repossess all their food by bringing the dog house to their tree. While in gardening gloves, Chip and Dale gather all the nuts by taking them up the base of the trunk. In the process of gleaning every single acorn, the two also have a little fun with Pluto along the way.


024 The Milky Waif
In this "Tom and Jerry" episode, Jerry is asked to take care of his little nephew, Nibbles. As the young mouse is hungry for milk, Jerry attempts to get his favorite drink while protecting him from Tom. He tries multiple methods to get the milk and saves him from the menacing cat once Nibbles runs off. Throughout this entire clip, Jerry is constantly nurturing the baby mouse and answering his call for milk while preserving his life along the way.