against roman expansion

Biografical Information

Spartacus was born in Thrace, then attended a school for gladiator training. The school was very harsh, so he left and led 70 gladiators in a revolt. They barricaded themselves on Mount Vesuvius and fought off many attempts to capture them. Many slaves who wanted freedom joined them and soon Spartacus was leading an army of 70,000 slaves.

spartacus's control

Under Spartacus' dynamic control he quickly gained control of southern Italy. Him and his forces went north to fight his way across the Alps to freedom. But many of his followers refused to leave Italy and go into Rome, so Spartacus led his forces South where Spartacus faced another Roman army led by Marcus Crassus. Spartacus was cornered during battle and killed. without Spartacus his followers became unorganized then the Roman army captured about 6,000 of them. Then killed them along the road to the city of Capua to Rome.


Romes slaves

After Rome had conquered a country or region they usually would enslave the people who lived there. Since the Roman military was so large they got many more slaves and by 73 B.C.E there were about 5 million slaves in Italy which was nearly 20% of the population.

Because there was so many slaves there were a lot of problems. Small farmers were forced to move because they could not compete with big landowners who used their slaves labor to cheaply produce crops. Also with more slaves there was less employment in cities and there were less free men in the small amount of crafts industries where there were jobs available.\
When there were more slaves there was more cruelty in the slavery institutes.The number of slaves in Rome were limited. But the number of slave increased and became less valuable and mistreated. Rural slaves had their skin branded and lived in underground dungeons, chained together day and night. If they were ill they had to be sold or killed.
The increase in slavery disturbed the country. Slaves took part in many protests. one of thee worst was in Sicily in 143 B.C.E more than 20,000 slaves took part and built their own kingdom. it took a Roman army band 2 years to defeat the slaves.