Owned by Great Britain from 1607 until 1776

History of Colonial Virginia

  • Virginia was the first of the 13 colonies.
  • John Smith founded Virginia for Great Britain
  • The English were looking for an economic prize fro their country and were looking for natural recourses
  • Although John Smith founded the Colony, Christopher Newport was in charge of the three ships that first sailed there
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A Southern Colony

  • The 13 colonies were categorized into three sections; the New England area, the middle are, and the south area
  • Virginia was at the top of the southern area
  • In Colonial Virginia, you would find mountains, valleys and coastal plains
  • The climate was warm which made it easier to grow crops


  • Colonial Virginia was owned by the kind of Great Britain
  • It was also named after queen Elizabeth I of England
  • The colonists were governed by a council chosen by the board in London

Economy/ Religion

  • People would want to settle here because you could choose your own religion, the climate was good so you could grow your own crops, and there were lots of natural recourses
  • The major industries included tobacco, wheat, corn, and iron
  • The major natural recourses included fish, forest (timber), and good agricultural land
  • The major exported goods included tobacco, cotton, corn, vegetables, grains, fruit, and livestock

Important Events/ People

John Smith- founded colonial Virginia

Christopher Newport- in charge of the first three ships that discovered virginia

1607- Jamestown was first established

1612- First tobacco was exported

1619- John Rolfe and Pocahontas were married

1622- Indian massacre when 347 colonists were killed

1624- King James made Virginia a royal colony

1699- Capital Building burned in Williamsburg