Year 1

Weekly Newsletters

Weeks 9/10

  • Harmony Day/ Cross Country/ Grandparents Day will be held on Monday, 23rd March.
  • Responsible Pet program will be held in the library on Wednesday 25th, March.
  • Our makeup Gymsports lesson will be held on Tuesday, March 31st.
  • There will be an Easter Hat Parade/Crazy Hair Day on the last day of term at 2 pm. The children have been asked to bring a gold coin to donate to charity.
  • I'm still working on making our CHIMES video able to be watched.
  • Buddy Bear had another exciting week. He went ballroom dancing, swimming, on a picnic, worked hard in maths groups and used an iPad, to name just a few of his activities.
  • Last week our topic talks took us 'around the world'. The children's favourite places ranged from Coledale to South Africa to New Zealand to Vietnam, as well as many more. Charley's favourite place happens to be my favourite place! Enjoy our photos and try to guess where the favourite places are! The secrets will be revealed in our next newsletter!