Resources for Teachers


Here are some resources that I find useful. These are resources you can use in your classroom to better serve your students! Most can also be great resources for your students to use as well.


Surfing the Net with Kids is a resourceful site for students, parents and teachers to use in and out of the classroom. Many activities are organized by grade level and topic. If you're wanting to do a math lesson for second grade, click on the second grade tab, there are 218 math skills for this grade level. You are able to choose the skill you would like to teach and there are sample questions for lesson/worksheet ideas; these skills are also great for the students to get on and practice what your teaching in the classroom. It gives feedback after you click your answer, as well as keeps a time so you know how long it took them to master a skill. This is a great resource for anyone and everyone!


Need to find a book for a lesson? Click here! Scholastic Book Wizard is a great tool to search for a book by topic, grade level or author!

I will be using this site a lot I'm sure in my future! There are thousands of books on this website and they can be used inside and outside the classroom.


EDpuzzle: A better way to make a video lesson...This is an extremley useful site for anyone, especially for a teacher! With this resource you are able to crop a video, add your voice, and embed quizzes.

Below is a tutorial video for EDpuzzle.

Imagine K12 EDpuzzle
Here is an example of a EDpuzzle I made in a couple minutes. Its super easy to use!


Edutopia has a lot of different resources, a few of them are videos, classroom guides, grade level specific resources and blogs. You can search a topic and every resource that touches on that topic will show up.


TedTalks are videos of speakers from across the world speaking about hundres of different topics. THese videos are a great resource for teachers to gain new perspectives and ideas, as well as for high school students to hear more about a topic they are studying in school. There are many great videos on

Below are a couple of TedTalks that inspired me.

Ramsey Musallam speaks about 3 rules to spark learning. This video contains a really inspirational message that all teachers should watch.

  • curiosity comes first
  • embrace the mess
  • practice reflection

Rita Pierson reminds us that we are not here to just teach students. We are here to support them, encourage them and love them in a sincere and genuine way. Every student deserves a champion, and we have the privilege of being that for our students.

What do we make?

This is a great video that can encourage any kind of teacher. This video is a great resource to use to share with your peers and co-workers that just may brighten their day and give you an extra push to finish the day strong!

What Teachers Make Final Moviebk2 0001

Facebook Page Resource

This facebook page below contains many resourceful tools for a teacher of any age! There are iPad apps explained as well as collaboration opportunities around the world; there are many ideas that can be used in any age classroom and the latest technology information to keep your classroom up to date!

Web 2.0 : Cool Tools for Schools

This website has hundreds of tools for multiple types of lessons. Web 2.0 has presentation tools, audio tools, drawing tools, music tools, quizzing tools, graphing tools and much, much more!

This site has won a Merlot Award for exemplary online learning resources in 2011. It is guaranteed you can find a technology resource here for your classroom.


Meograph is a great tool to use for giving a presentation or presenting a simple lesson to your students. Its incredibly easy to use and you are able to add maps, pictures, videos and record your own sound/voice.

Here is a Meograph I made.


ThingLink is a quick and easy tool to present a topic in a more interesting way than just a simple powerpoint. You choose an image and create hyperlinks on your chosen image. Let's say your doing a lesson on the history of Kansas. You can have a large image of the state of Kansas while having "hotspots" on the photo that take you to different website that tell you more about Kansas, or have hotspots where you simply type out information, so facts about Kansas. This can be used for anything! Its a great resource! Here is one I created about Special Education:


Pinterest can be a great resource for teachers. So many educators have a pinterest they use to inform others of great tools they have found that work for them.

Here is a pinterest account that has thousands of resources for teachers, ranging from technology resources to resources for specific subject areas.

Pinterest is also a great way to keep all the helpful sites you have found in one place. Just pin them on a specific board so you can easily find them and use them again!

Scoop It!

Scoop it is a resourceful website that allows communities of interest to share ideas. This specific link talks about Technology in the Classroom, so it goes in depth about teachers who use laptops and ipads in their classrooms and teachers discuss how they use them. They provide links for apps and other resources that they recommend be used in a classroom.

Explore is an awesome website!! It has hundreds of short films about people, cultures and animals from around the world. It allows you to see animals in their habitats all over the world from a live feed as well as video's already captured of them. This would be intriguing for any age students! I'm an adult and in love with everything I am watching on this site. This would be perfect for a science lesson about an animal or a habitat. A video would also be great for a service learning project because many of the videos captures is of people doing selfless acts around the world. Everyone should use this in their classroom!

The first video clip below is a short overview of what is and what kind of videos they are able to capture.

The second video clip is a specific clip of panda bears. There are hundreds of videos like these on this website.

Explore Defined
Panda Peek-A-Boo


TTV is a resourceful website for teachers to find training videos on how to use technology in their classroom. A lot of teachers get overwhelmed by the amount of technology entering classrooms, so we have to keep up to date with how to work it! This website will provide you with many different educational videos to help you best serve your students through technology.

Disney Educational Productions

Who doesn't love Disney?! This channel provides many different educational videos for young children. They have videos on many subjects including Social Studies, Language Arts, Math & Science, and Health & Safety. Because there is such a variety of topics teachers of any subject are able to use these videos to help capture students attention on a topic!

Nobel Prize

A great way to find award winning books to use in your classroom! This website contains tons of information about award winning pieces as well as videos about them. You can use these short video clips to introduce an author or book title you will be studying. This is an easy way to search for a book you know will be good to read to your student!