where do tigers mostly live?

most tigers live in asia. And in the southeat asia , china, kora and russin.

tigers like to live in swamps. And grasslands. And rain forests. usually where tigers to live

is: trees, bushes and clumps of tall grass.

what do tigers eat?

Tigers are carnivores meaning that their diet consists meat.Flesh and fat off animals.

Tigers eat large prey. Such as: deer, pig ,cows and buffalo.

How long can a tiger go without eating??

They can go up to two weeks.

But will not do that under normal condition.

Tiger facts

Tigers are the largest cats in the world. Adults can weight up to 363kg , thats about as

ten ten year old! And meachre up to 3.3m!

unlike most members of the cat family. tigers like water. They are good swimmers.