Marine Biologist

Career plan project

Tasks and responsibilities/ Typical day on the job.

A marine biologists main job is to study animals in their natural habitat, analyze the characteristics of the animals and take care of the animals. A typical day on the job for a marine biologist would be to collect, organize, and record samples. They also have to make sure that they feed the animals.


Transferable skills: keen insight, deep appreciation of what they are doing, good grades in their high school year, ability to follow directions, and the ability to give good lab results.

Job specific skills: communication, organization, interaction,get good information, and be able to record lab results.

Personal qualities.

I am responsible and I am able to follow instructions or directions.

Good qualities for a job: responsible, organized, and outgoing.

Bad qualities for a job: inattentive, rude, and shy.

Values and work area.

Marine biologist value responsibility, education, and good communication skills.

Marine biologist mainly work in the lab, ocean, marsh, or beach.

Health and safety risks and working hours.

Many dangers happen in underwater like shark attacks, lab accidents, or overexpose to poisoning wildlife.

Working hours: 9am to 10pm

Classes in high school.

Good classes to take in high school if you want to go into marine biology is AP biology and AP chemistry. Also, it would be helpful if you could take zoology, botany, or oceanography.


School: Duration of class: Degree: Cost:

Texas A&M First semester Undergraduate $530

University of North Texas First semester Undergraduate $705

Texas State University First semester Undergraduate $1,830

Salary and benefits.

The salary is usually $36,000 to $45,000 every year. Entry level is $10 per hour. Mid career is $35,000 per year. Professional is $110,000 per year. The benefits are paid insurance, paid vacations, and sick days.

Occupational outlook and companies involving marine biology.

The demand for workers in this career would increase because the climate is always changing. Three employers that have careers in marine biology are Marine electricians, IT services, and The Travelers Indemnity Company.


Advantage: I want to be a marine biologist because i will get to work with the animals that i love and many jobs with marine biology pay a good amount of money.

Disadvantage: Hours. the hours would be a problem because i want to have time to spend with my family and also the danger would be a problem.