BY:Katelyn Hamzy

where they lived and what parts of texas did they own

They came from wyoming in the 1600s

  • owned the southern plains witch went down to nebraska and in part of texas
  • moved to texas in 1800s
  • drove out other tribes that used to live there so they could move in and stay
  • they traved in 2 bands at a time
  • they also moved a lot

what did they eat and did they hunt

  • hunted buffalo and elk , they had to leaner to survive like the other indians
  • they steal from other tribes when they couldnt get food because they had to compete to get food
  • they got horses in 1680s and used they to hunt for food and in war
  • men hunted and fought and the woman gathered plants and fruits

What they lived in

they lived in tee-pees like most indians that lived on the plains and they are nomadic

What tools did they use?

they liked using things that where small and light weight since they moved a lot it make it easier on them

  • they used something called a travios and they horses would pull it
  • and tee-pees and the women would set them up

Traditions or Religions

had a tollal numer of 12 bands in the comanche tribe and they usally are always around reach other but in groups of 2

What kind of leadership did they have ?

they have war chiefs and peace chiefs

intresting facts about the comanches

  • they are Good at trading
  • they stole the weeker in other tribes to sell and keep as slaves
  • they where fierce warriors a lot of tribes look up to them