Stop-Motion Films

By: Ana Simon

Who invented the stop-motion film technique?

Stuart J. Blackton was the first person ever to use the stop-motion technique. When he first began it was because Thomas Eddison, who had just unveiled the vitascope. Eager for good publicity from the news paper Blackton was working for, showed Blackton the vitascope and where he made films. Blackton was so impressed that he and a friend agreed to buy a vitascope and produce Eddison's movies as well as make their own and show them to audiences, and thus the American Vitagraph Company is born.

How are stop-motion films created?

Stop-motion films are usually made by sculpting figures out of clay. When the artist uses the clay method they sculpt what they need and when the need to make something move they move in in small small bits and take a picture each time, when all of the frames are put together this makes it seem as though the figure is moving by itself.

A Few Stop-Motion Directors

What purpose do stop-motion films serve?

Stop-motion films are usually movies, there are select few, one of these being the British show Wallace & Gromit. This being so they serve the same purpose as the popular live-action film technique, which is to entertain the audience.