6th Grade Newsletter

Week of August 29

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Welcome to Kodiak Middle School! We are settling into our first week. Students are finding their way through their schedules, mastering the skill of locker combination locks, getting to know their teachers, and most importantly making new friends and re-establishing contact with old friends.

My name is Heather Norton (Mrs. Norton) and I have the privilege of working specifically with the 6th grade this year. I have been an assistant principal at Kodiak Middle School for four years and before that I taught 8th grade U.S. History at KMS for 11 years.

KMS Teachers, Administrators and Staff are so excited for this year to be a year we can re-focus on high quality instruction, building relationships, and creating a positive, kind culture within our 6th grade.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to call or email.


Mrs. Norton

Assistant Principal 6th Grade

Kodiak Middle School

(907) 486-7459


6th Grade Logo

Congratulations to Sawyer Fitzgerald on his winning design!

Last Spring, 5th graders were challenged to create a logo for their 6th grade class that demonstrated the uniting of four different elementary schools into one 6th grade at KMS. Sawyer's design was chosen and will be printed on class t-shirts that will be given to every 6th grader.

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Labor Day- No School

Monday, Sep. 5th, 8am


iPad Distribution

Wednesday, Sep. 7th, 8:45am


Students will receive their iPad technology during 1st period.

Parent and student signed Tech use agreements must be turned in for a student to receive their iPad.

KMS Open House

Thursday, Sep. 15th, 4:30-6pm


Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Fort Abercrombie Bonding Day

Friday, Sep. 9th, 8:45am

Fort Abercrombie State Historic Park, Kodiak, AK, USA

Kodiak, AK

Watch for more information and permission slips to come home. Permission slips are due Thursday, September 8.

Parent volunteers needed. Stop by the KMS main office to sign up. Bring your picture ID.

Pillar Mountain Hike

Friday, Sep. 23rd, 8:45am


Watch for more information and permission slip. Permission slips are due September 8.

Parent volunteers needed. Stop by the KMS main office to sign up. Bring your picture ID.

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Academic Pursuits – this is a class designed to help your student make the transition from elementary and succeed in middle school. It is also designed to provide help to catch students up and fill any academic holes they might have as well as tools to help them find academic success in middle school and skills that continue into high school.

I have been teaching 10 years, five in Akhiok.

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Hi 6th grade families, my name is Ms. Franks and I just moved to Kodiak at the beginning of August. My favorite place to be is surrounded by mountains, birds, and water, so I think I found a pretty good place to live and work! When I’m not outside, I love reading good books, writing poetry, crocheting random things, and cooking yummy food. I’m extremely eager to meet all (or actually learn your names if I met you at orientation on Thursday) and am planning an exciting year together full of learning and practicing our reading, writing, and communication skills.

Our first week of school is going to be focused on us getting to know each other, our school, and the expectations of 6th grade and my ELA class. We will be getting (good) books to read, showing off our writing skills, getting creative with our ideas, and brainstorming how to have a good ELA class this year. Each day we will be starting class with reading, so if you are in the middle of a book at home bring it! If you’re not a fan of reading, or just haven’t been reading much this summer, fear not! We will be going to the library together on Monday to find something that we each might like. Besides reading, we will be sharing our feelings about ELA, a little about ourselves, and hopefully chatting with each other. I’ll be asking you to write this week, too. I want to see where you are right now, so hopefully we’ll see some awesome growth in our writing skills this year!

Remember, learning is a journey that is sometimes hard, but if we believe in ourselves, trust the people helping us, and work hard, then it’s worth it when we can see how far we’ve come.

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Welcome to 6th grade math! I’m Alex Otto and I’ve taught at KMS for 15 years. This is my 23rd year overall as a teacher! I have three children and have lived and taught in Kodiak since 2007. When I’m not teaching math, I love to hike and write.

In math this year, we’ll be working on statistics (data and graphs), geometry (finding area of shapes and volume), rates and percents (how much does something cost per gallon? If you get a 45/50 on a test, what percent grade is that?), the number system (+, -, x, / with decimal and fraction and negative numbers), and we will introduce algebra (starting to think with symbols and letters instead of just numbers!) We’ll do some work from our text, Into Math, and some fun projects. We’ll also do some estimation activities and challenge problems. I’m looking forward to a great year with you!

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Hello, I’m Mrs. Kondro and I’ve taught at the middle school for over 10 years and attended here as a student myself! My family and I love to explore Kodiak and enjoy the outdoors hiking, beachcombing, geocaching, and fishing.

Welcome to Social Studies class where we will be learning all about the world and how we can be informed, engaged, and caring global citizens. We do it all in this class: reading, writing, discussing, creating, problem solving, collaborating, and more. I’m looking forward to learning all about you and helping you learn and grow this year!

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In Grade 6 P.E. our four main objectives are to listen, lead, demonstrate personal fitness and to have fun. Students will learn to lead the class in fitness activities and unit-based skills and games and active listening skills will be taught, modeled and practiced. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have.
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Hello, My name is Ella Doud. The students call me Ms. Doud, and I am teaching science to the sixth graders. I grew up in Colorado and Wisconsin. I went to school in Minnesota at St. Olaf College. Since graduating college, I have worked for a couple of different Nature Conservancies and Laboratories in North Carolina, Missouri, and Minnesota. I am excited to bring my science experiences into the classroom to help your students understand their environment better and hopefully paint a picture of what being a scientist looks like.
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Welcome, mabuhay, and bienvenido! My name is Freya Lhotka, and I was born and raised in Kodiak. I’ve taught at KMS for 12 years and I enjoy hiking, berry-picking, playing piano, gardening, reading, and spending time with my family.

Our class will focus on literacy, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing, as well as academic success in all classes and community exploration with field trips and guest speakers. During the first week, we will spend time getting to know one another using discussions and interviews. With partners, we will share our reading interests and then introduce our partner to the class using poetry and visual art.

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I moved to Kodiak with my husband in 2014 when I landed a school counseling position with KIBSD. Before moving full-time to Kodiak, we commuted each summer to Kodiak to fish for salmon. I continue to commercially fish each summer in Uyak Bay and spend the rest of the year here, at KMS!

It’s an honor to be your student’s school counselor to support them with such an important year in academics, communication with staff, social support, and emotional well-being.

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Hello 6th grade families! My name is Jay Gibson, and I teach Orchestra at KMS and KHS. We will be starting the year with music-reading, including counting, clapping, and drumming rhythms. Orchestra students will develop skills for lifelong engagement with music as players and listeners. The orchestra program would not be possible without the support of the Kodiak community, so giving back to the community with public performances is a priority for us!
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