Mrs. Bodmann's Weekly News

Week 17

Important Dates

January 6 - Science Fair Projects Due

January 8 - Austin Field Trip

January 12 - Campus Science Fair

January 14 - Math/Science Night

January 19 - District Science Fair

January 20 - Early Release

January 22 - Dinobeat

January 28 - Unit 6 Math Test (Decimals and Fractions)

Science Fair Project

They are due this week on Thursday. Here are a few important reminders.

1. If the student has pictures on their board, please make sure their faces are not showing (or are covered up).

2. Names go on the back of the board with teacher name.

3. This year no items may be placed in front of the board. They must be either attached or photographed.

I am attaching a layout of what the boards should look like.

Big image

Math/Science Night

Big image


Fractions are often tough for students to visualize. We will be doing a ton of hands-on activities with manipulatives to help students. If students' would like to practice at home, here is a link to lots of games.