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Team Newsletter - June 2015

Team Updates for June!

GREETINGS Everyone!!

Can you believe summer is just around the corner? There is SO much FUN to be had over the coming months! Have you re-visited your goals for the next 30-90 days? Just IMAGINE yourself…doing all of the things you enjoy, with ease, over the coming weeks and months. Imagine the freedom you will enjoy this year and in the years to come, in your healthier, fitter, and leaner body. Imagine the freedom of creating an extra stream of residual income - whether it's an extra $200, $500, $1000 a month, or more. It's incredible the life you can create with Isagenix.

Please text me at 403.890.1652 if you need support or have questions about anything! Some people find they need to change their program a bit, either after working out at a higher intensity, or perhaps they just need to know how to get through summer vacation. I can help you find solutions to ensure you continue getting the most of what YOU need and want out of the Isagenix product line, so you can meet your goals - even through summer BBQs, vacation, etc.

Have a wonderful June everyone!! Hope to hear from you soon!


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Listen to Jimmy Smith Share his Story and Tips for Success!

If you want to hear just ONE awesome example of a life transformed financially with Isagenix - you don't want to miss this recorded call with "Jimmy the Butcher" Jimmy Smith here. Jimmy explains why Isagenix is THE BEST network marketing company to be in right now! We are SO LUCKY to be a part of this amazing company.

Military Wife & Mother of 3 Finds Purpose

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Stacy Parker - Isagenix Lifestyle Coach