Cobaugh's Class News

September 19-23, 2016

Important News and Information

Grandparent's Day was a success! I always love meeting them and watching them with their grandchildren...what a gift!

Some reminders----

* Students should be reading AT LEAST 5 out of 7 nights a week for at least 20 minutes each night. I check the agendas on Monday for 5 entries and each one must have a parent signature. They should finish 2 chapter books a month. One problem is they read something at home, then something different at school and they are not completing a book. I have encouraged them to choose a book and take it back and forth and read for the reading log time at home and then read the same book in SSR until it's finished.

I sent home the information about IStation today. It gives information as to how to download it onto your computer as well as your child's login information. We have done the initial assessment in school so the lessons are ready to go. This is just another resource for reading and I will allow it to count as the reading log entry no more than 2 nights out of the 5 required. The only problem might be that they may not be able to finish a lesson in 20 minutes. If they don't finish I think it starts them over next time, so I would say make sure they finish the lesson and then log how long it took in the agenda.

* Daily Language Review (DLR) and Math 4 Today (M4T) go home every Thursday night and there is a test over them every Friday.

* Addition/Subtraction timed test over facts is every Friday.

Important Dates

Sept. 21-Word Wall Test

Sept. 28- Vocabulary Test

What Are We Learning This Week?


We will continue with Fractions this week focusing on equal parts of a whole.

**Don't forget to be practicing math facts. These should have been mastered last year and there are still a lot of kiddos not passing the Friday timed test! Knowing these facts will make learning multiplication much easier!

After they master the addition facts they will move on to subtraction drills. Some kids will be starting subtraction this week!


This week in reading we will be learning about the importance of visualizing while we read. We will also begin learning about the skill of inferencing. Some things are not directly stated in a story. We will learn that when we put our schema (our own experiences) together with text evidence we can come up with an inference.


This week we will be learning about the properties of matter by exploring magnetism and sink/float.

We will be doing an experiment on Wednesday where we will need different types of fruit. Please send in any fruit with your child by Wednesday. Thanks!

Unit 2

people they want until said who very

September best because

TEST is this Wednesday!

Lesson 2 - Words with More Than One Meaning

fine- 1.very good; excellent. 2. Money that has to be paid as punishment.

fair- 1. Not choosing one person or side over another; honest. 2. A place where people ride rides and try to win prizes in games.

bank- 1. The land along the edge of a stream. 2. A business that keeps money safe and lends money.

pitcher- 1. The baseball player who trows the ball to the batter. 2. A container, usually with a handle, for pouring liquids; a jug.

rare- 1. Not found often; unusual. 2. Not thoroughly cooked.

seal- 1. To close or fasten tightly. 2. A sea mammal that has soft, thick fur and flippers.

scale- 1. One of the small, flat pieces of skin that cover fish and reptiles. 2. A tool used for weighing things.

stable- 1. Not easily changed or moved; steady. 2. A building where horses, cattle, or other such animals are kept.

loaf- 1. A mass of bread baked in one large piece. 2. To spend time doing little or nothing.

mold- 1. To shape or form. 2. A type of fungus that forms a fuzzy coating on things.

TEST is Wednesday, September 28

Habit of the Month: Be Proactive

You are in charge----have a can-do attitude. I choose my actions, attitudes, and moods. We should always try to respond in a positive/proactive manner. Practice using proactive language with your child, such as, "You get to do your homework" and "You get to clean your room" rather than "You have to..." It changes the mindset when we speak positively instead of reactively.