She's The Man vs Twelfth Night

Kristina Nguyen

Low Comedy

Shakespeare shows low comedy in the Twelfth Night with the character Feste. His character has a huge ego and is extremely conceited. In scene two Feste begins to sing about Olivia "[Sings] O mistress mine, where are you roaming?..." and everyone starts to mock him. He is constantly trying to win Olivia's heart which is similar to the movie She's The Man. The character Malcolm Feste in She's The Man has an obsession with Olivia. In the movie there's a scene with Malcolm laying on his bed in his dorm and his pillow cases have Olivia's face on it.

Farce Comedy

Farce comedy is shown throughout the entire movie She's The Man as well as the Twelfth Night. The plot of the movie is a mistaken identity because Viola is impersonating her brother Sebastian. And the plot of Twelfth Night is Viola impersonating a servant named Scesario. She has to act like a guy in both the movie and play. There's a scene in the movie of Viola trying to walk like a guy. She would copy men walking down the street and follow behind them. It doesn't come natural to her so she has to put in a lot of effort into being her brother which makes us laugh because she makes many mistakes.

Comedy Of Manners

An example of comedy of manners in the movie is when the character Justin, Viola's ex-boyfriend tries to talk to Viola during the carnival. Viola was not trying to talk to Justin and was in a rush to walk away. Justin grabbed her arm and asked to have five seconds to talk and asked if she was still mad about the "stupid soccer thing". She agreed and started counting to five with her hand as she was talking. She said it wasn't a stupid soccer thing and when the five seconds was up she slapped him across the face.

In the play an example of Comedy of Manners is when Malvolio believes the love letter that was given to him. The love letter was a trick to make Malvolio do all the things Olivia hates but everything in the letter are things Olivia hates. He had to dress up in yellow tights and Olivia hates the color yellow which is assuming because he made a fool of himself.

Comedy of Ideas

An example of Comedy of Ideas (High Comedy) is when Maria planned to trick Malvolio with the love letters. It was very clever and witty which makes it high comedy. In the play this is what Maria said to Toby and Andrew "Get ye all three into the box-tree: Malvolio's
coming down this walk: he has been yonder i' the sun practising behavior to his own shadow this half hour: observe him, for the love of mockery; for I know this letter will make a contemplative idiot of him. Close, in the name of jesting! Lie thou there, Throws down a letter for here comes the trout that must be caught with tickling."

In the movie an example of comedy of ideas is when Viola tells her hairstylist/friend that she wants him to transform her into a man so that she can pretend to be Sebastian. He is surprised at her request and tells her that there's no way that she'd be able to pull it off.


Duke is in love with Olivia in both the play and movie.

Olivia falls in love with who Viola impersonates.

Both the play and movie use the quote “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.”


In the movie Malvolio is a spider but in the play he is Olivia's servant.

Olivia is upset in the movie because her boyfriend dumped her but in the play she is upset because her brother died.

In the play things are more dramatic and Viola gets married to Duke, Olivia and Sebastian get married, and Maria and Sir Toby get married. While in the movie Duke and Viola end up dating as well as Olivia and Sebastian.