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Who Am I?

Hi my name is Simantha Reid, and I am 16 years old. I am a Grade 10 student at Louise Arbour Secondary School. I was born in Jamaica at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital on November 13, 1999. I lived in Jamaica for fifteen years, then moved to Canada on April 10th, 2015. I moved to Canada to live with my dad and my step mom. I moved here to have a better life so I could help my mom, grandma, and the rest of my family in Jamaica financially. My hobbies include surfing the internet, dancing, and also listening to music (my favourite artist is Drake). I currently play as the back wing on the rugby team at my school. Finally, I recently began my first job at Marble Slab Creamery located at Trinity Commons Mall. I am a very interesting and well-rounded person, and I believe hard-work will lead to prosperity.


My Favourite Things



I have the leadership style of a teller. A teller usually tells the team what to do, and they also assume the team members already know how to do this assessment/activity. I was a teller when I once was helping my younger brother with his homework. I was a teller because I just told my brother what to do in order to complete the assignment. I didn't tell him specifically how to do it, and I basically assumed he knew how to do all the problems he was given.


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IISuperwomanII (Lilly Singh)

Superwoman is a youtube/vlogger. She makes daily videos of her life and posts them on her youtube channel (link to her youtube channel) She also makes funny videos and rants. Superwoman influences me because I admire he daily life she is the type of person who does not depend on others comments to uplift her she uplifts herself in her own way. She basically does not care about others criticisms. Every time I watch her videos she gives good advice that I sometimes follow.
Lilly on @JimmyFallon | My Parents React (Ep. 16)


My Grandmother

My grandmother is my role model because she is like an hero to me, I admire her style, and she inspires me to do better in everything I do. The way she struggles to take care of her grandchildren is amazing, she puts us first, and this persuades me to work as hard as she does to get things done in life.



In the future after I finish high school I would like to become a detective cop. I would like this to be my lifetime career because I think that solving murder cases can be fun and adventurous. I also like to take risks, so this is the perfect job for me. After graduating high school I will have to join the police force for at least 10 years then study criminology in collage or university before becoming a detective. I plan on working hard and being persistent in order to achieve this goal.

True Colors Test

Adventurous Orange-You have the basic need for action, excitement, freedom and to act on impulse. You are playful and fun-loving, yet love being competitive. You are adventurous and like to take risks

True Colors Test Reflection

Yes I do agree with the true coulours assesment because it is true. I am a very adventurous. I like to take alot of rist because I feel if you dont take risk you wont know what to expect. I like to have structure in order to be organized and to me organization is really good, it is a priority. I like harmony and being close with friends, I am a very social girl, I like being with friends because I feel like I can express myself more with them.

I Think that my weakest color was green because I am a smart girl but I don't necessarily have to be recognized for this. Honestly i do not like learning but because i have to learn I do it .

Multiple Intelligence Test

The results I got was Section 5 which is, Section 5 – This shows your Interpersonal strength.

My Strongest MI was my interpersonal strength then my Anesthetic strength,Logical strength, Interpersonal strength then,Visual strength,Musical strength,Naturalist strength, Existential strength and then my Verbal strength. In my MI results I was not surprised most of these things are true and i agree with most of them. Knowing that my strongest MI is my interpersonal strength i will now use this strength more often in my daily life.

Knowledge Test

I totally disagree with the result of this survey. I personally think that i am not artistic or creative in the arts. I also think that perhaps this survey could be wrong because it was done in December compared to now and i have changed since then.

Motivation Test

I agree with this result i do like to be acknowledged when i do well i also like to put my skills to test. i think this result really relates to me and my personality


I disagree with this result because I am not a translator . I am not A person who can explain in terms that can be more easily understood or person who can change the form, condition or nature of things. This result may be wrong because of when it was done i might have changed since then.

Learning Styles

I agree with the results of this survey because I do learn by touching, doing, hearing, listening. when I learn I like to do things because I feel more involved in what is being taught . The results says I study by using cue card which is right I make cue cards every time I have a test or exam.


I disagree with the result that says my personality type is ENTP which is someone who loves pursuing, debating, discussing and creating ideas. I personally don't think this is true. I do not like debating I do not "constantly absorbing information from the world". I think this result does not relate to me at all.