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Customizing Your New Message Toolbar - 4/1/13

HOh the Toolbar, the Glorious Toolbar that was not so nice to me the other day when I was trying to add hyperlinks and center some parts of my message..........again dislike for new email rising......
If you click the little two down arrows on the right side you can actually select the items that you want to add or delete from your toolbar just by checking or un-checking them. So think about the tools you use ALL the time when writing messages, keep those checked off and keep the others unchecked so as not to clutter your toolbar area.
Ahhhh so much better! =) I kind of like (but don't tell anyone I said that!) that I don't have to see ALL the tools Half of them I NEVER USE!
Even though an item is not checked off you can still go into that little area and click on any of the items check off the item, use the tool, and then uncheck it when you are finished.

Pretty handy!

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