Scientific Revolution

By: Marina Y.

What was it?

The Scientific Revolution was a great change. In the middle age, many people believe that the earth was in the center of the universe and everything evolve around it. This was call the geocentric theory. Because the sun would rise on one side and sit on the other side. Christianity believe it was true and god would place earth in the center, because earth is a special place. All this went through until the scholar replace the old theory with a new one call the scientific revolution. The scientific revolution was a new way of thinking about the natural world. A combination of discoveries and circumstance led to the scientific revolution. The discovery was open to the European, but yet there still more truth to be found. European explorer need more and better instrument for discover more. For example for looking closely at the world and determine where their location they at.

Important Peoples

Issac Newton

Newton study mathematics in Cambridge University. He discovery was same force ruled motion of the planets according to his law every object in universe attract every other object. in 1687 he publish a idea call the mathematical principle of natural philosophy. The book was the most important scientific book ever written. He said the universe is like a clock and everything would work together. Newton believe god made the order universe who had everything in motion.

Impact on society

Economically discovery of several technologies it become helpful. It made it easier for European citizen. The religious world it would come from the bible. It help point out the word of god.

Change evidenced in today

People observe more

Find more clues