mLearning Apps

5 Great and Engaging Apps for the Classroom!

friendstrip KIDS

This is a great app because it fosters kids imaginations and can get them really exploring the different storytelling ideas. Students are able to get as creative as they want and see the potential is simple photographs and create whatever they can think of. The sky is the limit for this app!

TOON books

This app allows students an easy way to create cartoon strips and can showcase them whenever and wherever! It fosters the imagination and can be used by all students so they are able to work at whatever pace they are ready for. What is so great about this app is that the user is able to do WHATEVER they want to their cartoon in order to create anything their imagination comes up with.

Photo Pin

This website is so great because it allows individuals to search for photos and not have to worry about copyright issues because they all offer a clear tap that explains how to deal with photo relating to creative commons. Teachers do not have to worry about their students randomly choosing photos off the internet that can cause potential harm (ie copyright laws) if they just direct their students to this user friendly website.


Prezi is a fantastic site because it allows for endless opportunities which means an endless amount of imagination is necessary. Presentations can become easy to create and allows all learning levels to create something they can be proud of. Prezi enhances typical, everyday presentations and captures the audience in aw as they are zoomed seamlessly through each slide. Not only can you work on your presentation from anywhere and at any time, you can also work with groups too!


This website is honestly amazing! It is such an innovative way to writing an interactive story online and does not get boring at all. It aids the writer in their creative abilities and facilitates creativity better than any other interactive story writing website. The author can create numerous different "paths" to his or her story and later decide what best fits. The possiblities are endless and this website allows for a more organized way of writing creative stories.