Banas Hayden, 4th hour

Wind Energy

1. Where is the resource found?

Wind energy is found in the air. And the higher up you go the more of it there is.

2. How is the resource formed?

The resource called wind is formed when the sun heats up the air and the air moves to go to the area of lower pressure, the cold air, creating wind

3. How is the resource used?

Wind energy is gotten by the wind spinning a giant windmill that turns a turbine that turns the energy into electric energy.

4. What cool facts & statistics can you find?

One cool fact is that the blades can be 130 ft long. And another is that these blades are transported by truck.

5. What is one innovative alternative energy form you discovered?

A cool way to collect wind energy is by using a giant wind sail that captures the wind in it to get the energy
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this is a example of a giant sail used to capture energy
Energy 101: Wind Turbines
this video is about some other cool facts about wind energy