Personal Pronoun

I love food. I made myself some delicious Mac and cheese. The Mac and cheese I made myself was very soupy and cheesy.

Objective pronoun

My mom offered to make me a strawberry smoothie for my dessert after lunch. She said she would add some bananas and strawberries.

Antecedent Pronoun

I had a smoothie, it was the best one I've ever had. The strawberries were great, they were very juicy.

Possessive Pronoun

I asked my neighbors if I could try some of their cookies. The ones they make are great. Mine always turn out burnt.

Interrogative Pronoun

I was wondering to myself to..."whom was making dinner?" And "What was for dinner?".

Indefinite Pronouns

There were several cupcakes that needed to be baked. Many of them needed to be frosted too.

Numeral Pronouns

There were 2 Hersey bars left after making s'mores. That means that 6 Hershey bars were used.

Demonstrative Pronouns

Those carrots looked good. That one is super fresh. This one looks a bit rotten though.

Subjective Pronouns

I love baking cookies. My family did yesterday. We made LOTS.