The Sword And The Stone

By Brittany Marks

Before The Sword And The Stone

King Uther heard a rumor that their was a plot to kill his son, Arthur. He wanted to figure out a way to try to save his son. He remembered his friend the wizard, Merlin, and called for him. He arrived soon after and told Uther he had a solution for his problem. "...Merlin, a wise magician, advised that the baby Arthur should be raised in a secret place and that none should know his true identity (Caerleon)." He is sent to live with Sir Ector, who had a son older than Arthur , named Kay. King Uther soon died and their was no king of England. Merlin then put the sword in the stone and cast a spell on it so only the person who is meant to be the King of England could pull it out. None was able to fulfill this accomplishment.

The Happening Of The Sword And The Stone

Arthur arrived in London on a trip with his dad and brother, or so he thought. Kay was competing in a tournament. Arthur being younger than Kay was like his helper. He had forgotten Kay's sword and needed to rush to find it. "Anxious not to disappoint him, Arthur raced over to the sword in the stone. Pulling it free, he hurried back to Sir Kay. When people realized what had happened they were amazed. Sir Ector and Sir Kay both knelt down before young Arthur, recognizing him as their true king. (Abacus)."

After The Sword And The Stone

"In the years to come, the people gladly accepted Arthur as their King. He also made a promise to make England a better place. (Legend)." "Arthur became a good and powerful king, uniting the country and defeating its enemies. He lived in a castle, at Camelot, with his lovely wife Guinevere. It was there that he met with his brave knights, seated at a special round table. (Abacus)."

Movie Version

After Uther, Arthur/Wart's father's, death everyone attempts to pull out the sword in the stone. No one is able to succeed. The sword is soon forgotten and England goes into the Dark Ages. Many years later, Merlin, "The world's most powerful wizard", predicts that a small boy named Arthur (AKA, Wart), will come to his cottage (Wikipedia). Merlin makes himself Wart's tutor. He teaches him different lessons. Eventually Ector, Kay, Pellinore, Wart, and Archimedes go to London for a tournament. Wart realizes that he had forgotten Kay's sword to fight. Wart goes to fetch a sword and notices a sword in the nearby churchyard and pulls the sword out of the stone. He returns to the tournament and gives Kay the sword. People realize it's the sword from the stone and make him go back to the stone to make sure he actually pulled it out. Wart proves he has pulled out the sword and that he is the King of England.