Join my expedition

Join Us to Get Rich $$$$$

I am going on an expedition to find a route to Asia, and I need YOU. Any Riches or spices will be distributed among sailors. DISCOVER! You must be

-An experienced sailor


Here are some of my accomplishments so you can make your decision.

The Early Years

I was born in 1450 in Genoa,Italy. In Italy I was known as Giovanni Caboto. Not much is known about my early life,I have a bad memory. What is known is that I moved to Venice, Italy in 1467. In the 1490's I moved to Spain and then to England to escape debt.

Journey of Matthew

After Columbus's discovery, I wanted to ACTUALLY reach the Indies for the riches and spices. The journey took one year.Finally I did not find Asia,but i found parts of North America. I was the first to discover these parts since the vikings. I went aboard my vessel, the Matthew


So come with me!

I will be the captain of this voyage.I have much experience with sailing and have had many accomplishments. Join us, my ship, the voyager, can only fit 18 sailors