Drum Circle Leadership

Upcoming 2015 Drum Circle Leadership Trainings in the USA

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What is Drum Circle Leadership?

Drum Circle Leadership is a step-by-step system created by Jim Donovan M.Ed. designed to show you how to create and lead your own transformational drum circles.

During a live or online training you will discover:

  • How to create fail-proof events for your participants
  • How to shift your drum circle from good to transformational
  • How to use drumming & sound for wellness and stress relief
  • How to inspire collaboration within your circle
  • How to lessen and eliminate resistance from your groups
  • How to create an infinite source of rhythms with "Rhythm Seeds"
  • Social drum circle games for all ages
  • How to integrate percussion and budget friendly instruments
  • How to develop kid-friendly drum circles
  • How to use rhythm & music with older adults
  • How to lead and shape drum circle music
  • How to gain confidence leading and speaking with groups
  • How to gain the trust of your group

You Also Get...

  • A comfortable, welcoming and accepting atmosphere.
  • To have the opportunity to choose how you interact
  • A Certificate of Completion denoting your contact hours
  • Your own Drum Circle Leadership Book ($29.99 Value)
  • Special Discount Codes for DCL Multimedia Course
  • Extra handouts and written documentation
  • Copious amounts of optional, hands-on practice time
  • Feedback and constructive guidance
  • Tried and tested step-by-step foundation methodology
  • Marketing resources for those wanting to create programs to sell
  • Free lifetime access to our private Drum Circle Leadership Training Facebook group
  • Specific effective techniques to help you manage nervousness.
  • To make many new friends

Who Can Attend?

  • Anyone interested in utilizing the power of rhythm & drumming
  • Music Therapists
  • Music Teachers
  • Drum Circle Facilitators
  • Therapeutic music makers
  • Anyone who works with people with PTSD and returning veterans
  • Anyone who works with children
  • Addiction and recovery counselors
  • Camp Counselors
  • Grief Counselors
  • Sexual abuse and domestic violence counselors
  • Alternative healers
  • After school activity directors
  • People who work with disadvantaged youth
  • Social workers
  • Disaster relief workers
  • Church and spiritual group leaders
  • Elementary educators
  • Corporate facilitators seeking new tools for their activity toolbox

Learn About...

  • Inclusion regardless of ability
  • Letting go of perfectionism
  • Being present as a leader
  • Serving the group
  • Finding ways to flow with change
  • Learning the value of collaboration
  • How to manage mistakes
  • How to empower your participants
  • How to create fail-proof drum circles
  • A wide variety of malleable drumming and voice methods
  • How to build your own event from the ground up
  • How to inspire and hold the attention of the most unruly groups
  • How to play the various drums and percussion commonly used in rhythm events
  • How to use rhythm as a means to enhance personal development
  • How to use rhythm to lead health and wellness experiences
  • How to use rhythm to lead educational experiences

What Are Trainees Saying?

"I got so much more out of this program than just learning to lead a drum circle. The program held so many insights into the dynamics of facilitating people and empowering me and others towards true connectedness. I highly recommend this program to anyone who works with people of any age or just wants to improve their circle/life skills."

-Teresa Benedetti, Canton, OH

"Since our training several weeks ago, I have had the opportunity to teach both children and adults on separate occasions. The most significant change I've noticed in myself is added confidence which in turn allows me to truly enjoy what I'm doing. I am more animated, I smile more and I'm really having fun. I can see a change on the faces of the students. They see my enthusiasm and it spreads to everyone involved. The training was exactly what I needed to advance to a higher level. Thank you to Jim and everyone that was a part of it. "

- Rich S. Western New York

"I, too, had a very successful, hugely successful circle with a group of women with addictions on Wed. eve. I'm still buzzin' from it. I would like to thank myself for choosing you, Jim, as my teacher. I'm happy to say that I left this group of 14 women to empowered, and wanting more. I've never received so many hugs and hand shakes in one evening."
-Tammy O . Windsor, Ontario

"Drum Circle Leadership was the most useful and enjoyable training I have ever attended. I immediately put the techniques, knowledge, and inspiration into action in my clinical work. Jim Donovan is an exceptional communicator, facilitator, and teacher- but most importantly an infectious and generous person. Jim presents the content in a relatable and practical way for both experienced and first time musicians and facilitators."

-Jordan Goodman, MS, LGPC

Drumming Psychotherapist and Facilitator

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU for everything you gave me at the training. Today I had my first circle since attending the training, and the difference was like night and day."
-Diana Hiatt, Louisville, KY

"This weekend was another fabulous training! Round 2 allowed me to process and absorb much more of the training--I look forward to integrating the principles into my classes this semester and turning them around for a win. I'm also dedicated to creating a drum circle in Selinsgrove."

-Drew Hubbell Ph.D

Professor Susquehanna University

"Yesterday I landed a gig at an assisted living center here in Indianapolis, and as I was driving home, I just kept thinking how grateful and thankful I am for the DCL trainings I took from Jim Donovan, not just once but twice. The community drum circle I facilitate, once a month is now over 1 1/2 years old and going strong with 69 members in my Meetup.com group. It all started with you Jim, and the DCL".
-Vicki M. Indianapolis, IN

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