ASBA Newsletter

August 14, 2019 (Vol. 1, No. 1)


I hope your year has gotten off to a fantastic start! This is the first of a bi-monthly ASBA newsletter intended to be of great benefit to you. Our newsletters will contain reminders and updates on ASBA events, plus quick and helpful tips and advice that will help you grow as an individual, musician, and mentor. If you have ideas to share, send them to Trey Reely

Important Dates and Locations

Registration Forms and $25 Due--Initial deadline is September 30 (Find on our website.)

Extended Deadline for Forms and $35 Due--October 31

New Address: Trey Reely, Executive Secretary, 2 Cathy Drive, Searcy, Ar 72143. Send everything to this address! Checks should be made out to ASBA.

All-Star Honor Band Try-outs--Tuesday, February 11 at Riverview HS in Searcy (Snow Date--13th)

All-Star Honor Band Clinic--April 3rd and 4th at Pangburn HS (possibly Harding or Searcy HS)

Arkansas Small Band Association Officers

Blake Henley, Mountain View, President

John Fultz, Perryville, Vice-President

Bill Mitchell, Pangburn, Treasurer

Aaron Decker, Riverview, Secretary

Wayne Root, Valley Springs, Member-at-Large

Trey Reely, Retired, Past President and Executive Secretary

Leadership Tip of the Day

From John Maxwell's book No Limits:

"There's no better way to show people that you value them than by asking their opinion."

Teaching Tip of the Day--The Magic Buzz Point

To reduce unnecessary lip tension and tightness in brass embouchures: Ask brass players to blow air through the mouthpiece with a slightly wider than normal aperture and then gradually let the lips "wrap around the air" until a buzz forms on its own. They should do this with as relaxed a face as possible. The point at which the buzz forms is the the Magic Buzz Point.

Light Moment of the Day

How do you change a duck into a soul singer?

Put it in a microwave until it's Bill Withers.

Quote of the Day

"Music is what feelings sound like."


Congratulations to ASBA member Kaitlin Shaw from Western Yell County for her clinic "Doing it All: Balancing Teaching Band, Choir, and General Music" which she presented at ABA in Little Rock!