Glengary DI State Finals

Saturday, April 16, 2016

One Week to Go!

We have one week to go to polish and practice! It should be a wonderful weekend...if the weather report remains the same, it looks like it could be 61 and sunny! I received the times for the tournament. I will keep this page updated as information becomes available. I will send you emails to let you know that there is new info. out. I thought this would be a good way to have all the info. collected vs. having you search through emails. Michigan Creativity Association has a Facebook page and published the photos from regionals. I showcased them below, but you can access and download them from their Facebook page!

Some of you mentioned that you would like to get on the road earlier. I think the time cut off for pm absences is sometime right after our lunch period. If you want to take your child out around 1:45 won't count as an absence. I won't be able to leave until after school.

As far as props go, check with your team manager and see what you can do to help.

Trading items are the same as they were for regionals...snacks could be a good idea, as some people may be getting a bit hungry or may want to have a snack to bring into the awards. Water could be a good idea to trade too! Beach balls are a hit, as kids love to pass time bouncing them around the arena while they are waiting. Creative hand-made things are good too! Perhaps the kids may want to make popsicle stick frames that say DI State Finals...or DI 2016...that could be a good idea too! It's also a good idea to cleanse the stuffed animal pile at home! Really anything goes in the trading world!

How to Survive State Finals: From the MI Creativity Page


During Affiliate Finals weekend thousands of Destination Imagination students, parents, team managers, and volunteers take over one university campus and participate in Michigan’s largest creativity competition. If it’s your first time, or your fifth, here are some tips to help everyone survive the long weekend.

Pre-planning: • Go into Affiliates with confidence! You’re gonna do great! • Make sure you attend the meeting after your regional tournament. Take all of the paper work and read it! These materials will answer most of your questions. • The Affiliate tournament may fall over Spring Break for many schools. If you have plans to go away that week, let us know ASAP. We will work around your schedule as best as possible. • Once you know you’re attending, book your hotel! Hotels book quickly and you don’t want to be without a room. • Prepare your challenge. Your team is going up against teams from all over Michigan. Sharpen those skills.

Weekend Prep: • Triple-check your props! Make sure you have everything you need for your challenge. • Come up on Friday night and view your challenge site, go to the festivities and check-in your team. • The day of can be crazy. There are a lot of volunteers around to help make the day go as smooth as possible, but if you have a question that can’t be answered right away, be patient. They will work their hardest to get you your answer. • Bring snacks and some entertainment for downtime. Tournament day is long and the Central Challenge and Instant Challenge are sometimes far apart. Bring snacks and entertainment, but make sure to clean up when you’re done! • Take a lot of pictures of the day and post them on our social media pages. • Get ready for the awards ceremony! It’s going to be loud, but it’s a lot of fun! Post-planning: • Pat yourself on the back you’ve made it through Affiliate Finals! •

If you are going on to Global Finals, stay after the awards ceremony for your briefing! • Congratulations!

Glengary DI Schedule

CC=Central Challenge (you can watch) IC=Instant Challenge (team and manager only) IC will be at Moore Hall.

Pearce Hall Rm 135...Meme Event

Meme Event Bond: CC: 9:36 IC: 1:36

Meme Event Bardocz CC: 9:54 IC: 1:54

Pace of Change...SAC Multi-Purpose Rm.

Pace of Change Plasencia: CC 10:48 IC: 2:30

Pace of Change Zube CC 11:06 IC: 2:48

Close Encounters Bond: CC: 4:48 IC 11:48

Friday Family Activities

From 7-8:30 in the University Center, the Michigan Creativity Association will be hosting a fun event for all DI teams. This year there is even free food! Here are the activities that will be available:
SCIENCEPALOOZA! We are partnering with the Michigan Science Center to present a variety of hands-on STEM activities for students - there will be 12 different activities for kids to try out - fun for all ages! There will also be science related presentations on some exciting topics during the day on Saturday - rotating topics all day, so you can drop in during your free time!

FREE FOOD! There will be pizza, popcorn, cookies and more! Feel free to stop in for a bite!!

GAMES and MORE GAMES! There will be a variety of carnival-type games, where kids can win lots of prizes (small, but prizes nonetheless!). Tickets are 25 cents each or 5/$1. Everyone loves games!

PHOTOBOOTH - Get your picture taken with some fun props!

AND MORE! The sales booth will be open to get your early-bird shopping done, and Registration will be open for managers to pick up your packets, saving time on Saturday! Stop at the registration table first to pick up maps/guides for all the Friday activities.
(Again...registration is only for the team manager.)

Supporting Each Other

It looks like we will all be able to be there for each other, as there are no overlapping central challenge times. I think the Meme Event teams will need to meet at their competition area around 8:30 to get things brought in and get the jitters out. After we are done, we could head to the Pace of Change area and watch the boys compete and rock out! My Close Encounters group needs to meet me there. (Location TBD) Then I will take my Close Encounters (Improv) team to Instant Challenge. After that I imagine it will be lunch time. Teams can go out where they would like to go. In the past few years we have gone to the Italian Oven, which is near campus. The kids love it because they can write on the glass that looks into the kitchen. My Meme Event team will have to check into their Instant Challenge at 1:16. The last performance from the Glengary DI teams will be the Improv group at 4:48. Then it will be trading time...or getting a bite to eat before trading/awards. The awards will be in the arena and has seating based on regions. We will have to keep our eye out for Region 1. The teams will need to go outside and prep for the parade. The awards are expected to begin at 7:00. It will be a late night driving home, but hopefully the DI spirit will keep us going!

Email from the State Tournament Director

Dear State Tournament Team Manager,

Ten days to go! Attached to this message is the schedule for the State Tournament. Every effort has been made to accommodate special requests, and we will be unable to make changes to the schedule at this point. It is a HUGE task to make the schedule work for all, and we thank you for your understanding!

Please share this information with your co-manager, if you have one – not all co-managers are listed in our registration system. Take the time to read all of the information; there’s a lot here!

Performance site information will be sent to you within the next couple of days, including pictures of the performance sites. Most sites are large rooms with carpet or tile floors, but there are exceptions to every rule, right? We'll let you know, to the best of our ability!

Please read over the attached “Tournament tips” – you will find some helpful information in there, whether you are a first year team manager or one of our wise, experienced managers. We recommend that you look at the “Travel Guide for Teams” on the website, and check for more helpful hints on the website too. The more prepared you are, the better experience your team will have.

A few details for our CMU tournament site: no helium balloons or silly string are allowed at any tournament. Lights will NOT be allowed to be altered at any performance site. Check out our competition policies for any situations particular to Michigan.

Here are some tournament details to share with your team families:

* Registration will be in the University Center, Rotunda Room. Team managers MUST check in at manager registration at least 1 hour before their first scheduled time. (Structure teams, before your performance time, as opposed to your structure weigh in time) If you have any outstanding balances, late fees, no appraiser fees, etc. they must be paid at that time, or your team will not be allowed to compete for score. Please make sure you look at both your CC (central challenge) and IC (instant challenge) times so that you know which performance comes first for your team!

Registration will be open during the Friday night kick-off event, so that gives you a chance to pick up your packet early and become familiar with additional tournament details. The Friday night event will run from 7 - 8:30 PM. More details will come out in a separate email.

* Souvenir Sales! There will be t-shirts, pins, and assorted other DI items for sale that day – pins are always very popular, both for the individual challenges and for team managers, IC and more! Make sure that your families are aware of this; the kids love to purchase a souvenir of the day! We will be able to accept cash, checks and credit cards. There will be multiple sales areas open on campus. Pins sell fast, and are in limited quantities – shop early! Sales will be open during the Friday night event.

* Food service will be available across campus, in addition to local restaurants – it can be a long day, so please plan on feeding the kids throughout the day! A map showing campus meal locations will be in your registration packet – there are even opportunities to have lunch or dinner in a college dining hall! Very popular with the kids due to the variety of food available!

* Due to the large number of teams at this event, the awards ceremony will begin at approximately 7:00 pm. Yes, there will be trading time prior to the awards! Encourage your team members to trade with anyone/everyone, especially our younger participants, who might be shy.

We hope these last couple of weeks are especially productive for your team. We appreciate all of the time, energy and dedication that you are giving to the DI program this year! You DO make a difference!!

Thanks again,

Betsy Grossnickle
State Tournament Director


Betsy Grossnickle
State Tournament Director
Michigan Creativity Association (MICA)

4/13/2016 Email from Tournament Director with New Events

Saturday updates: We have the good fortune of partnering with the Michigan Science Center at this year's State Finals. They will host six different "drop in" exhibitions at the University Center Rotunda throughout the day on Saturday. We want to make sure these sessions are well attended - please check your schedule and come to one or more, during your down time! Sessions are at 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, 12:00, 1:00 and 2:00 on topics like chemical reactions and liquid nitrogen! More details will be in your registration packet!

Games will be open Fri night and Sat afternoon (11-3), also at the University Center. We are still looking for volunteers to help out! High school teams, this is an opportunity to get in service hours - if you are in town and available on Fri from 7-8:30, let me know and we'll put you to work! Have free time in your schedule Sat afternoon? Come volunteer for a couple of hours! Parents accompanying your team are also welcome to volunteer - shoot me an email for more details.

Fun Stuff! There will be a variety of raffles going on throughout the weekend - pin raffles at the sales area, DI "swag" in the UC Rotunda, and a beautiful quilt made of DI shirts from around the world - make sure you check out all of these and get in on a chance to win!

MIDI Instant Challenge Expo 2016

For the first time ever, Michigan Destination Imagination is offering teams the chance to solve and present an Instant Challenge for an audience of friends and family! This event is for fun and practice! It will take place on Saturday in the Instant Challenge building but will not be a scored event. There will also be an opportunity for five teams to have an Instant Challenge Battle against a team of their parents and/or Team Managers. Teams can sign up to participate at the Registration table at Friday night's kick off event or at Saturday morning registration. Time slots will be available every 20 minutes beginning at 9:00AM on Saturday, with the last Instant Challenge Battle taking place at 3:00PM and are first come/first serve. Don’t forget, the audience is open to anyone, so please come cheer for the teams and see what Instant Challenge is all about! We hope to see you at Moore Hall on Saturday - only 18 time slots are available, so if your team is interested, sign up early!

Anyone interested in doing this...adults vs. kids?