Scientific WOW Words


August 27

Weather- day to day conditions outside

September 3
Climate- typical weather conditions over time

September 10
Forecast- a prediction of future weather events

September 17
Humidity- the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere (air)

September 24
Air Pressure- the weight of the air

October 1
Jet Stream- fast moving cold air traveling from West to East

October 8
Gulf Stream- warm flow of water up the East coast of the United States

October 15
Cumulus- clouds that look like cotton balls and bring partly cloudy skies

October 22

Cirrus- thin and wispy clouds high in the atmosphere

October 29
Stratus- low, gray clouds that can bring precipitation

November 5
Evaporation- the heating of water changing from a liquid to a gas

November 12
Condensation- the cooling of water changing from a gas to a liquid

November 19
Air Mass- large body of air with the same temperature and moisture

November 26
Fronts- where a warm and cold air mass meet

December 3
Cold Front- cold air mass replaces a warm air mass

December 10
Warm Front- warm air mass replaces a cold air mass

December 17
El Nino- a climate pattern that brings warmer weather and more precipitation

January 1
La Nina- a climate pattern that brings cooler weather and less precipitation

January 7
Force- a push or pull on an object

January 14
Motion- the movement of changing location from one place to another

January 21
Push- the act of moving something away

January 28
Pull- movement towards another object

February 4
Unbalanced Force- forces that are not equal, causing an object to move

February 11
Balanced Force- forces that are equal, causing an object to stay the same

February 18
Thrust- to push something suddenly or with force

February 25
Gravity- a force that pulls things towards the Earth or each other

March 4

Weight- the amount of mass in an object

March 11
Energy- the power to make something work or be active

March 18
Mass- the amount of material in an object

March 25
Interaction- one object affecting another object

March 31
Resistance- a force that slows down a moving object

April 8
Friction- a surface’s fight against motion

April 15
Traction- a force that causes things to stick

April 29
Drag- a force that slows down an object

May 6
Momentum- the power of speed with which something moves

May 13
Speed- quick change in place or position

May 20
Velocity- how fast an object moves in a certain direction

May 27
Distance- the space between two objects

June 3
Direction- the path something moves along