Personal Thank You.

Just wanted to express a thank you again for the wonderful gift to me from all of you during the holidays. I know I have said this in the past, but the welcome I have recieved here in Merrill is nothing I have experienced.

We have done some great things so far:

Lifetime Achievement Award (another this Friday, Jan. 15)

Start of a great Advisory program

Vandal Awards: including students buying in & seeing others hard work

New Culture Signs in the Building

A fantastic Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Field trips for or Agriculture Biology Class

Robotics Program started and doing well.

New NHS inductions.

Caring and Sharing Project a success

Numerous Advisory Projects completed

Senior Dinner

Great Fall Sports Season

Started New Wrestling Program

Kicked off a great winer sports season.

Boys Basketball is gonna get that win. So much pride if you watch them in a game.

The list goes on. I know I have missed some. But its a great place and its great to be a Vandal


“When a child’s behavior commands our attention, we need to ask ourselves, ‘What do I want this student to learn from my response to his/her action?’”
Heather Bleakley Chang

The Energy Bus

Keep posting, Its great to see and read all the post. Don't be afraid to reply to your fellow co-workers post and relate and have good conversations.

On our PD day of Jan. 18. The morning session is dedicated to really capping some things off.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Everyone please join us in giving away another Lifetime Achievement Award this Friday night during the halftime of the girls Varsity Basketball game.

Life Time Achievement Award. The award will be given during the half time of the girl's basketball game. I am asking that as many of the staff members as possible be there as part of the present during the award ceremony.

Battle of the Fans: TICKET PRICES

Changing of ticket prices for the game are as follows for Merrill and Breckenridge Students:

All Middle/HIgh School students (Even Breckenridge) can only pay $3 if they bring in two can goods for charity. If not, then they can pay $4 with their student ID. If they can't show their student ID, then they pay $5. (No matter if we know they are a student, they must have their ID)

All Elementary Students are only $3

Merrill v Breckenridge: BATTLE OF THE FANS!