inside my computer

graphics cards and more....

hard drives

hard drives are one of the main memory units(place where you store your files) but an external hard drive is adding on to your current memory of your hard drive


monitors are the display of what you are doing on your computerand can display up to very high qualities! or you can use a projector as your screen but wont be as good quality...


cpu stands for central prossesing unit,the cpu is one main part of a computer beacause the cpu are the brains of a computer witch is placed on a motherboard.


ram stands for random access memory witch means that you can dedicate memory to applications on your pc the more you have the better


the rom is the read only memory,this also contains the boot firmwere


the main processing unit of the computer (heart of the computer).


the input is what you do to the computer,the output is the thing that the computer does to you.


touchsceens are the screen that you can touch insted of a mouse