Failures of Communist Ideology

By Joseph Yamouni

What is Communist Ideology?

Communist ideology aims to replace private property and a profit-based economy with public ownership and communal control of at least the major means of production such as mines, mills, and factories. Communist ideology also aims to eliminate social class divisions and base the production and distribution based on the principle “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

Reasons the People Supported Communist Ideology

  • There would be no social classes and everyone would have equal land and money
  • Education, religion, and employment would be controlled by the government so no one could be superior to others.
  • The government would manage all production and maintain a constant flow of production and would eliminate all unnecessary spending.
  • The members of the government would not be considered higher than the common man.
  • Free health-care
  • Emphasized more on cooperation instead of competition

Failures of Communist Ideology

  • Too much attention was given to urban industrialization and not enough was given to rural areas which resulted in famine
  • No competition meant no individual incentives which lead to a lack of production
  • Too much consumer demand and not enough Production
  • Government abused power and money
  • Censorship
  • High poverty

Many of the communist countries ended up forming single party regimes that had no tolerance for opposition. Instead of forming the perfect communist economy where everybody contributed equally with equal pay. The single party leaders formed a command economy in which they would determined wages, prices and production goals.

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Ties to Animal Farm

  • Napoleon and the pigs took over the farm forming a single-party regime that abused its power and money on things such as manipulation of the seven commandments.
  • The fellow annals were called comrade to show that they were equal to the pigs
  • 'Social' classes between animals and humans were eliminated after the farm's freedom. much like the freedom of social classes in communism
  • conditions eventually worsened(pigs got more food, other animals received less)
  • There was food shortage
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