Digital Media to Enrich Literacy



Edmodo is a program similar to facebook but is focussed on the teaching profession. When you join Edmodo you can select areas of interest from the curriculum, to receive posts from. You can create your own private groups( ie your class) where the children can join your group by entering a passcode.The children in your class then have access to the data that you post for them and can respond immediately to any posts.

Tagxedo is a program that is very similar to wordle. You can create word bubbles/clouds that can be presented in different orientations and shapes. You can copy the word bubble that you have created onto Edmodo for the children to view.


Popplet lite is available on the ipad. You can also use this program from the internet. This program can be used for brainstorming and representing information in a visual way. When created on the computer you can embed You Tube videos into one of your popplets that can be viewed by viewers.

This program allows you to make a wall where the children can post and share their ideas.

It is a good tool for brainstorming as the children enter thier posts and they can be displayed on the IWB immediately. It produces a collaboration of everyones ideas. The program can be set up with a password to ensure the only people who post messages are the classmembers that you give the password to. You can post photos and You Tube videos on the wall for children to comment on.


This is the program that this flyer was created on. You can create newsletters, flyers, advertisements.... When you publish the flyer you can set the flyer as private so that the only people who can view your flyer are the people who you invite to see it. You can also change the setting so that no comments can be made about your flyer by the viewers. Phoster is a program similar to smore, but it is available on the ipads.