Time to Take Precautions

In the past weeks rumored cases of polio, malaria, and tuberculosis have threatened our town and I am here to tell you that these rumors are true. The suspected carriers of these diseases have been lab tested a medical professional at our very own hospital, Allen Presbyterian. Now that we have proof that the given diseases are among us certain precautions need to be taken immediately. World health organizations such as the W.H.O and the CDC have been contacted and are well aware of our cities situation. A representative from both organizations have been sent to our hospital to over see that the proper actions are being taken.

Malaria (Plasmodium parasite)

Malaria is probably pretty well known by everyone due to the fact that it carried by insects that we are very familiar with, mosquitoes. Considering fewer than 20,000 cases were found in the United States last year it is very frightening that it is amoung us. Super Stores such as Walmart, Target, and Kroger have order large amounts of repellent from various brands and they should be arriving within the next couple of days. Please take precautions and do not leave your house without a proper layer of protection because it is impossible to contain all infected mosquitoes or animals. Because this disease is transmited through the bite of an infected insect or animal, human contact should not be avoided in fear of this disease but should be avoided due to other diseases that are amoung us.

If you began to experience pain in your abdomen or muscles, chills, dizziness, fatigue, fever, night sweats, diarrhea , mental confusion, or yellow skin or eyes please seek medical attention immediately. Protective drugs can be taken to prevent malaria and antimalarial drugs can treat the disease if an individual becomes infected. The given prevention and treatment will be provided in bulk to the hospital, emergency centers, and private health practices.

The infected Allen high school student has began treatment and is instructed to get a lot of bed rest for the next couple of weeks. Everyone within Allen city limits needs too consider a malaria prevention drug or if experiencing the listed symptoms seek out a physician for testing. After further investigation of the students whereabouts doctors concluded that the student caught malaria on a family vacation taken 2-3 weeks ago. The student family has been tested and the lab results should be released to the public within the next 24 hours. It is unknown at this time how far the disease has spread since the families return but commercial airlines have been warned about the case and are also taking precautions. Malaria should be the least of everyone's worries at this moment due to the other two conformed diseases also found in two other Allen high school students.

Additional Information:

Malaria is mostly found in children in African regions and most cases in the U.S. last year were linked to visitors and immigrants that have been in heavily diseased areas. Although malaria can be deadly if untreated, it is very curable. No other cases have show up since the students diagnoses but testing will continue. Please take extreme precautions to protect children and and yourself. Although it seems that disease has only affected one person there will always be a chance the disease has brain to spread.




-Abdomenal pain

-muscle pain

- flu-like symptoms such as: chills, shivering, sweating, fever, and night sweats

-fast heart rate


-lack of mental awareness and comprehension

-shortness of breath

- yellow skin and/or eyes

POLIO (Poliomyelitis)

Some of the elders in Allen may recognize this disease by a haunting childhood memory of death or disfigurement, but I am here to tell you that there is nothing to worry about. Due to modern technology and the invention of a polio vaccine, the disease has become very rare and is preventable as long as the vaccine is available. I have gotten word from the chef of the hospital and the mayor that Allen is stocking up on this vaccine to help prevent polio from spreading any further. Anyone that attends Allen high school on a daily basis including staff will be vaccinated first. After that the family of students and facility will be given the shot, then any one under the age of 18. After all children, teachers and healthcare workers are vaccinated the rest of Allen population can be treated.

If anyone starts to experience fatigue, feeling faint, fever, headache or nausea please see your regular doctor immediately. These listed symptoms are the most common signs of polio. Athough a vaccine is available for prevention, There is no known cure for this disease. Treatment for polio includes bed rest and pain killers, but it is ultimately fatal.

The infected Allen high school student has been hospitalized due to the rareness and severity of the disease. Zero cases of polio were recorded in 2014 and the origin of where the student caught the virus is being investigated. The students siblings, close friends and class mates will be the main priority for vaccinations. Until the origin of the disease is identified please avoid an untested water source including bottled water. Over the next couple of weeks the CDC and the WHO will be conducting tests to rule out all suspected water sources or food that might contain the disease.

Additional information:

Polio is a highly infectious viral disease, that mostly affects young children. The virus can be transmitted by human to human contact or by contaminated food or water. If a person becomes infected the viruses will multiply in the digestive tract and invade the nervous systems, eventually causing paralysis.



-feeling faint


-muscle weakness




Along with the other diseases a case of tuberculosis has also been confirmed. Tuberculosis, is also known as TB, is an infectious bacterial disease that spreads easily through the air from person to person. Because of the easy transmission TB is probably the most serious disease compared to polio and malaria. Most individuals who are infected do not show any symptoms but this does not mean that symptoms cannot appear. If you or another individual show symptoms such as severe chest pain, chronic cough, weight loss, swollen lymph nodes, or shortness of breath please contact your personal physician immediately.

The Allen high school student that has been diagnosed with this rare disease has been quarantined and anyone with close contact has also been given a private secured room in the hospital. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this student in the past 2-3 months please contact the police department or hospital immediate. The whereabouts of the known infected individual are being backtracked to insure the safety of all Allen residents and our neighbor cities.

This infectious disease can be partially prevented with a vaccine but this prevention should not be 100% relied on due to the fact that it will not be completely effective.

The treatment for TB is not always required for patients who are not showing symptoms but those who are effected by this disease will undergo a lang series of multiple strong antibiotics.

Everyone under the age of 18 will be first priority for vaccinations because supplies are limited and will soon run out. More vaccinations have been ordered in bulk but it could be a couple of weeks or even months before the entire city of Allen population can be vaccinated. Although vaccinations are the best way of preventing the disease, other precautions need to be taken to avoid infection. These precautions include avoiding human contact, this even means being in the same general vicinity with a infected individual. Because of the rapid and easy route of the disease to spread, all public areas will be closed. This includes parks, restaurants, some grocery stores and eventually all, gas stations, schools, work areas, and all shopping centers( The Village, Outlets, and Waters Creek)

Additional information:

TB is caused by the spreading of bacteria from person to person and usually affects lungs but can also affect the brain, kidneys ,and spine. If a person tests positive for TB it only means that there body has come in contact with the disease but does not mean that the individual is contagious or will ever show any symptoms. the treatment for tuberculosis can take up to a year and can involve many different strong antibiotics.


-pain inn chest

-chronic cough with blood or phylum



-loss of appetite

-severe weight loss

-swollen lymph nodes

Hope for the best; Prepare for the worst

World and us health organizations and specialists have been notified and are on standby for an outbreak of all the given diseases.do to the high risk of contracting any one of these diseases, grocery stores will soon be closing so please stock up on anything that will last awhile. this can include wood, bottled water, can foods, gas,flashlights, bug spray, gloves, masks, disinfectant. and any other house hold items that may seem necessary to everyone's comfort and safety. do not leave your house unless of an emergency or supply gathering. anyone willing to volunteer to help the already infected and report to the hospital located at exchange and highway 75. if you suspect that you or another individual are sick please call 911 or the non-emergency number.



-Bug repellent

-keep doors leading to outside shut at all times

-Stay inside unless otherwise instructed


- Avoid tap water or any other source of water that has not yet been tested

- avoid uncleaned food including anything raw or not personally bought

- become vacinated as soon as possible


- Wear protective face mask

- Disinfect all clothing and personal items

- seek prevention drugs, especially if prone to sickness


If you meet the following criteria you may be able to become vaccinated or receive a prevention drug

Polio vaccine:

-Born after 1997

-Full time student

-Immediate family of a child under eighteen years of age

-healthcare provider of any kind

Malaria prevention drug

-City of Allen employee

- Children born after 1997

-healthcare provider of any kind

Tuberculosis vaccine:

-student/facility at any Allenisd school

-immediate family of an Allenisd student

- healthcare provider of any kind

Considered Precautions:

-Curfew after 8:00 pm

-Closing all schools, including Allen, Plano, Frisco, and McKinney

- All public areas (stores, parks, and places of work) will be closed





Expected mortality rate:

Polio: 5-10% of infected individuals

Malaria: 1 out of 5

Tuberculosis:1 out 9