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Our Mission:

NCVA is a community of students, families and educators dedicated to expanding educational choice through innovative and technology rich instructional practices, and accountable for developing each student's full potential for academic and post-secondary success.

Every student......Every class........Every day......

A message from our Head of School

The month of January is always an opportunity for a fresh start as we move into a new calendar year. It means we will gain another year in age and, hopefully, wisdom through experience. It’s that latter part – wisdom through experience – that excites me more than the extra year in the age column!

NCVA is just under half a year old and we’ve already heard some tremendous success stories from families. Please continue to share those stories so that we can appropriately “tell our story” to elected officials and policy-makers. We can also see, from our experiences and listening to families, that we needed to tweak some parts to our program and have responded in that manner. These growing pains are normal and we thank you for your feedback.

As we hit the phase of a “fresh start” with the second semester upon us, let’s continue to work together for the benefit of your children. I look forward to meeting many more of you on our outings throughout the year.

Joel Medley

Head of School

North Carolina Virtual Academy

Outing Information for the Spring Semester

January 15th: Region 5 and Region 7
February 26th: Region 2 and Region 3
March 18th: Region, 6 and Region 8
April 29th: Region 1, Region 4

Join us January 15th for Skating in Kernersville (Region 5)


1995 W. Mountain Street
Kernersville, NC

12-2 pm

$3/person (includes skate rental)

Arcade games and the concession stand will also be available!

Please RSVP using the survey link:

Complete and bring the Liability Release Form and the NCVA Release of Information Form with you.

Liability Release

NCVA Release of Information

OLS Layout Enhancements coming around January 19th!

We want you to be aware that there are some minor OLS layout changes coming soon. These changes do not change the functionality of the OLS, just the layout. The changes will show a new layout for your student's class connect schedules, a new layout for the course view of your student's courses as well as a new progress view.


NO live class connect schedules the week of January 19-22 for 6-10th grade.



1/22 End of First Semester

1/25 Start of Second Semester

1/21 and 1/22 All NCVA Teachers & Staff have face to face training in Durham

Drivers Education Information

If your home school district offers Drivers Ed and they allow your student to take the course, that is not a problem.

Once your student completes the course, the legal guardian of the student will need to contact Nicole Barton (school counselor) by kmail to request the Drivers' Education Certificate that must be taken to the DMV when the student goes to get their license. Ms. Barton will verify the student's academic standing and if the student is in good standing at NCVA, she will complete the certificate and send by snail mail to the mailing address on file. We will make a note of the certificate number in your student's record.

IMPORTANT: The legal guardian will need to sign the certificate and return the carbon copy to the NCVA office in Durham so that it can be added to your student's file. The certificate expires 30 days from issue.
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Would you like to recognize a teacher or staff member or share your student's success with us?

We want to recognize the amazing members of our NCVA community! Please let us know when a member of our staff has helped you improve, overcome a challenge or gone above and beyond to help you or share a significant accomplishment. You can also share your student's individual success story with us, too! Click on this link:

Are you brand new to NCVA?

If you're just starting this month, welcome! Be sure to check your kmail for a welcome letter from your Family Engagement Coordinator. The welcome kmail will contain important information for getting started.

New Student Welcome Orientations are required for all new students. Please sign up for one of the orientations as soon as possible. The information is included in your welcome kmail. You will only need to attend once, however, you must register each student.

K-8 students need to complete the Welcome to Online Learning Courses found in the Online Learning System (OLS). These lessons are to be viewed by the Learning Coach and the student. The lessons explain how to use the OLS in conjunction with the materials you are receiving. These lessons need to be completed immediately.

High schools students need to complete the HS Online Learning Courses. Under your "quick links" in the OLS be sure to choose Online High School. This will take you to the platform that all your High School courses are located in. Then click on the course titled HS Online Learning. Click the content tab, review all the course materials and then take all six units. These lessons need to be completed immediately.


If you see the word REQUIRED next to the title of the Class Connect, it is a mandatory class that you must attend. If you know ahead of time you are going to miss class, please contact your teacher to see how you can make up the missed work. Sometimes, you will need to watch a recording.

To view the recording of a missed Class Connect Session, click on the "Go to Class Connect" link, search the date of your missed session, click on the link of the session, watch recording. ALWAYS send your teacher a Kmail to explain why you missed attending the LIVE session (unless previously arranged).


If you ever have problems getting your class connects to load, please refer to this guide:


NCVA students are required to attend school 6 hours per day. Attendance will be checked each Monday for the preceding week. The Learning Coach/Mentor is responsible for logging attendance daily. Please remember that attendance should be added by Sunday for the week prior and students should work 6 hours a day. Time towards attendance must come from curriculum and instruction within the online school and live instruction.


We recognize it can be really frustrating and such a drag when you try to login to the OLS and you receive that dreaded error message. The best thing you can do when that happens is make sure it's not something on your end such as your internet being down or a problem with your computer. Please always restart your computer and walk away for a few moments. Sometimes this will resolve the issue. Usually outages are short in duration. During this time, be intentional about what activities you choose to do during this time.

1. Keep a log of the time you worked off-line.
2. Look at the objectives in the teacher guides that you can teach to and work on those.
3. When you get back online, go to those lessons and mark them off or have your student go straight to the assessment in order to demonstrate their mastery.
4. Print your weekly plan at the beginning of the week.
5. Sometimes it may be necessary to work out of order or skip ahead to a writing project, novel unit, or something else you can do offline.

When systems go down or out, it is not limited to only education--it happens everywhere around us! We can choose to make the best of this time by doing schoolwork off-line.

K-12 Mobile Apps

Have fun learning on the go! Enjoy educational mobile applications from K12, available for Apple and Android users through iTunes Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

Check them out here:


Attention High School Learning Coaches/Mentors! Do you want to check the progress of your student in each of their classes? Here's how.......

1. From your Learning Coach homepage click on the "K12 HS Homepage" link in the "Quick Links" box on the right side of your screen.
2. Select "Change to Student View" title in the center of the page
3. Select " Yes" for viewing purposes
4. Select "My Tools" button (top right of your screen)
5. Select "My Progress"
6. Under "Progress Summary" select the drop down arrow next to "Topics Visited" to see all recent work completed. This will also tell you how often and how long your student is spending in class.

Note: You can ONLY check progress from the STUDENT VIEW and not the LC view.

NCVA has partnered with Harris Teeter's Together In Education Program!

Our school code is 3669! Please give them this number when you check out. When you purchase select Harris Teeter Brand products using your VIC card, Harris Teeter contributes a percentage of those purchase dollars back to our school!

Is an immediate family member of your child connected to the US Military?

Please complete this form if an immediate family member of your child is connected to the US military, including Active Duty, National Guard or Reserves, Retired Military, Disabled Veteran, or a Federal Civil Service Employee. If you DO NOT have a military connection OR you completed the form already, please do not fill it out again.*

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