Lineville Intermediate School


1. You can make short movies with videos and pictures.

2. Its an app that kids can use for assignments.

3. You can add background music, or sound.

4. You can also add different themes to your movie.


1. You can make short trailers using pictures, and videos.

2. You can also access this in the app iMovie.

3. You can also have different themes, and you can have credits at the end of the iTrailer.

Haiku Deck

1. Make small slide shows or presentations.

2. You can add pictures to the backgrounds of your slides.

3. You can add text boxes to different places on your slides.

Explain Everything

1. In Explain Everything you can make the background as big as you want or as little as you want.

2. You can add your voice to your presentation on Explain Everything.

3. With the tool bar you can type, color, add background pictures, email people your Explain Everything, and more.

Go Animate

1. In Go Animate you can make animated movies.

2. You can put different themes, different characters, and different props.

3. Also you can add movements to the characters, you use.