Flint River Problem In Michigan

By: Kateri Hills

In 2013 June a council of officials decided to change water. They changed the water from Michigan water source to the Flint River. That was a really big mistake. Now about 100 thousand people are angry.

What Happened And Why

The costs we too much for the government of Michigan. So they decided to switch Flint Michigans water to the flit river. It was okay for a few years but then things started getting bad. They recently discovered that Flint's water has a lot of lead in it. Which is horrible for your body and can cause some effects to your body.

Effects On Your Body

Lead is a terrible thing for your body to much and it can cause some effects and symptoms.


- Hair Loss

- Weight Loss

- Appetite Loss

- Rashes

- Mood Changes

Why It Is Hard To Fix

Most people in Flint are in poverty and can not afford bottled water. Most people depend on donations for water. But that's only going to last for a little while. The government is not taking responsibility for what they did to the community. They say that they didn't not cause it. Because of the governments actions people don't have water. For more information about Michigan and the government, there is an imbedded link. It is also hard to fix because the water pipes are full of lead and they can't fix that easily. Overall this situation is horrible.