Brand New Brother

Dominic's Birth

Brother or Sister?

Me and my sister were both young children when my brother, Dominic, was born. I really wanted a brother that I could relate to and I wanted someone that I can pass my knowledge onto. My sister wanted the exact opposite. She wanted a sister to do the same with. We argued the matter often. I was overjoyed to find out who the new addition to our family was going to be. It was a boy. My sister was upset at first and wouldn't hold my brother. She quickly got over the fact that he was a boy and loved as much as I did. The next day we looked in the newspaper and found that a picture of my sister had made it in. It was a picture of her standing outside of a room with her arms folded with an angry look on her face. This conflict was man vs. man
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Dominic's Birth

My brother was born January 13, 2004. I don't remember everything about it, but I do remember being very excited and joyful. My grandparents were in town, watching me and my sister. Me and my sister, Daria, argued throughout the day if our new sibling was going to be boy, or a girl. We fought up until the last moment. I was full of excitement and suspense when I finally got to meet my new brother. I was overjoyed when I found out I had a brother. I planned out the future in my head. We would do everything together. To this day I am happy to have a young brother, even though we have our conflicts at times.

Lasting Affect

I have always looked at my brother as a best friend, someone who is always around and someone I can go to when I need him. Because he is young, he still is innocent. His innocence can help me through certain situations. I, like most siblings, will sometimes fight with Dominic. It is expected for us to fight. I think that even though we may have our disagreements at times, we get along well. To have a good relationship there must sometimes be fights. Many things that have been accomplished have involved fighting. Thomas Edison and Nikolas Tesla fought to create the light bulb. They competed and as a result pushed each other to create one of the most important inventions in history.
FELIX THE CAT Opening Theme

Felix The Cat

When my brother was young he loved an old cartoon called Felix The Cat. We had a disc that played about four or five episodes. He watched it day after day, not ever becoming bored of it. Every time I see Felix or here the opening seen I think of Dominic.