Welcome to Mother Earth

Take your spaceship and come on down!

The History of Earth

Earth formed about 4.54 billion years ago, that was also the same time the rest of our solar system was created. Scientists from Earth believe that the first life forms were one-celled creatures that appeared about 3 billion years ago. Soon after those one-celled organisms started to turn into multicellular creatures and right after that various other life forms started to live in our big blue ( The Ocean) and on land. Unfortunately there was an unexplained mass extinction; there are various theories. Time went on, and the Earth has been through several periods; the one we are in now is called the Cenozoic Era. Earth is still making some interesting history.

What Does Earth Really Look Like?

Planet Earth's equatorial diameter is 7,926 miles (12,756 kilometers). However from pole to pole, the diameter is 7,900 miles (12,720 km), which is only a 40 mile difference. Earth only has one Earth which is probably different than your home planet. Compared to other planets in our solar system, Earth is quite special. We have liquid water, plate tectonics, and we have an atmosphere that shelters it from the worst of the sun rays
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Additional Facts on Planet Earth

The Reason Why We Have Seasons

  • Earth is tilted while it makes its yearly trip around the sun.
  • The amount of sunlight around the Earth during a year (365 days) causing seasons
  • When the Earth leans towards the sun that's Summer, leans away from the sun is Winter, and in between these two is Spring and Fall (also called Autumn)

Rotation and Revolution

  • Rotation is when a planet or moon turns all the way around or spins on its axis one time
  • The axis of the rotation is an invisible line which goes from the north pole to the south pole
  • Revolution is when a planet or moon travels once around an object

Light Years

  • A unit of astronomical distance equivalent to the distance that light travels in one year

Causes of Formation

  • Gravity is the force responsible for triggering the formation of the Solar System

Why YOU Should Come to Earth

You should to come to Earth because there is nothing like it! Yes, there are some downsides but doesn't all planets have their days. Earth will be exciting for you and trust me, you'll love it!