The Kneber Botnet Virus


Kneber Botnet Virus

The Kneber Botnet Virus records personal login information, gets into financial and social network data bases. It also allows people to get into personal e-mail accounts. It makes the computer not function correctly and other computers that communicate with the infected one.

Where did it originate, and how does it spread?

  • The virus originated in Europe and china in 2010. The Kneber Virus spreads only through window operating systems or computers that function with Windows XP Professional SP2. It also spreads through communication with an infected computer.

What were the costs of damage?

  • It is said that cyber crime costs business $400 billion world wide but never stated the specific cost of the Kneber Virus damage.

How widespread was the outbreak?

  • Over 75,000 personal computers were affect world wide. 2,500 companies were affected by it world wide

How was the virus stopped?

  • Businesses offered more training to users. Also by telling them not to click on suspicious links in emails and websites.