Wickham Elementary

Car Line Reminders

Car line Courtesies:

As we near the end of our first full week of school we wanted to remind parents of some of our car line courtesies! In order for car line to safe and successful we ask everyone to follow a few guidelines.

Morning drop off:

We have 2 drop off lines. Here is what you need to know:

  1. All families who are driving to school should participate in the car line. Please do NOT park and walk your student to the building as space in our lot is scarce. If dropping off snacks or other large items that students need assistance with please alert staff assisting car line for help. We will be glad to make sure your items get to the classroom.
  2. We have two rows for drop off! One along the inside median near the crosswalk. Students dropped in this lane should exit the driver’s side of the car and then wait for a staff member to help them cross in the crosswalk. A Second lane is along the front of the building, these children should exit the passenger side of the car.
  3. As you enter the parking lot please select the lane appropriate for your exit. Selecting the right hand lane to exit the parking lot to the right onto Oakdale Boulevard or the left hand lane to exit to the left onto Oakdale Boulevard.
  4. Please utilize the full traffic circle, staying in your drop off lane and behind the car in front of you. Exit the parking lot using your drop off lane.
  5. As you stop to drop off your student, do NOT exit your car. Your student should exit on the side of the car with an accessible walk path (for example, when using the drop off zone closest to the building use the passenger side. When using the lane near the median, use the driver side). You may pull forward to exit the parking lot staying in your lane and behind the car in front of you.

Please know that a Wickham staff member will be supervising the crosswalk in order to keep all students safe.

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After School Pick Up:

Pick-up begins at 2:55 PM on M, T, W and F; at 1:55 PM on Th.

1. Be cautious if arriving before this time, as buses may need access.

2. Please write last names(s) of the child/ren you pick up on the back of the pink cardstock with heavy black marker, making it visible from a distance. Post or hold this sign in the front window of your vehicle during Pick Up. Do not lay it on the dashboard. Pink cardstock can be obtained in the school office.

3. Attended vehicles must wait in the Half Circle Drive, double stacked, until directed to pull forward.

4. When the buses leave, the waiting vehicles will be signaled to alternately pull forward into one line.

5. Pull as far forward as possible.

6. Your child/ren will be directed by a supervisor to meet you once your car has pulled all the way forward.

7. When all of your children are secured in their seatbelts, exit the parking lot safely.

We realize that the above recommendations may be a change in routine for you and your student(s). However, we feel strongly that if we can all work together to make some small changes. It will have a big impact!!

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Non-Discrimination Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Iowa City Community School District not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, creed, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and socioeconomic status in its educational programs, activities, or employment practices. There is a grievance procedure for processing complaints of discrimination. If you have questions or a grievance related to this policy, please contact Kingsley Botchway II, Director of Equity, 1725 N. Dodge St., Iowa City, IA 52245, 319-688-1000, Botchway.Kingsley@iowacityschools.org.