Ledford News

By: Brysen Hall

A Scholarship Jacket

A girl, Martha, just won the virtuous Scholarship Jacket a few days ago at the high school. She almost lost it to her fellow classmate. The board decided this year to add a fifteen dollar fee to the highly regarded jacket. Her family said they would not the fee and the jacket would go to the runner up. Our principal said he would talk to the board and take away the fifteen dollars. The jacket went to the rightful winner, Martha.

Martha's Scholarship Jacket


Local Boxing Match

The Boys Club is hosting the Golden gloves Championship and the competitors will oddly be two best friends. Felix and Antonio are training in separate areas with no contact with each other. They will be fighting this Saturday. We interviewed Antonio Yesterday. This is what he said."Me and Felix have been like brothers for years. I couldn't imagine one of us beating each other. I just wanna get this over with." Felix commented on this as being a tough few weeks. We will have to see how it turns out.

Boxing Match

Obituary: Jimmy Lyons

Jimmy Lyons was a soldier in the Vietnam War. He died this year in combat. In his home town there was a wall sacred to the kids of the neighborhood. Lyons cousin got permission and painted a mural in memory of Jimmy lyons and the kids were not happy. In the end everyone was happy. And now Jimmy Lyons will always be remembered.

Crime Report

Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones was almost robbed of her purse by a boy named Roger. Luckily only the strap broke and the "criminal" didn't get away. Mrs. Jones brought Roger to her house and cleaned him up and fed him dinner. She taught Roger a lesson that day. and he said he only wanted the purse because he wanted blue suede shoes. Mrs. Jones gave the boy $20 to buy the shoes.

Dear Debbie

Dear Debbie,

I have been trying to ask out a girl for a few weeks now. I just don't know how. I always watch her walk so gracefully down the hall. Just the way she walks thrills me. But I need some advice on how to ask her out. And soon or she won't be interested in me.

Hopeless in School

Dear Hopeless, I think you should just muster up the courage to just to ask her out. It might seem awkward but I'm sure it will work for you in the end. I hope this advice helped. Best of luck to you with your girl.