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future of technology in 4532!?

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Advice by Emily Garcia

Emily Garcia :

Dodge and I were in the desert driving while talking. When a flash of light sparlkled in my eyes. I told dodge to pull over to see what it was. While we were getting closer it became more clear, it was Tyler layed down in the desert with sand all over him. I checked if he was still alive luckly he was. I don't know if I should help him or not because he is my enemy and all the things he has done to my friends and I , I don't think its worth it. should I or should not ?

- sam

I think you should, even though he is your enemy, you could be saving a life. in one of these days he would return the favor. he could be nice to you after he has been saved by you. Take him to a safe place because if he is not even moving or responding but breathing he might have been jumped by someone or tried running away from someone. Help him out with what he needs because for the looks of it he doesn't sound so good.

-Emily Garcia

Feature Article

The terrorist are back. They have destroyed Las Vegas and they planning to destroy more. One neuro headset at a time. The long story begins with Sam Willson, a kid with a best friend named Fargas . Who gets into a little more trouble then he thinks. Hacking into the white house and going to jail . Whats next into his crazy adventure?

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Everything should be made as simple as possible , but not as simpler ~Albert Einstein

Brain Jack Review By Emily Garcia

This movie was AMAZING!!! So much action and thrill ! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. how did sam and his friends survive all this chaos , im surprised they are alive . I give this movie a 5.5 stars ! Brain Falkner is by MOST THE BEST BOOK WRITTER EVER! The guns, terrorist phantoms/ ghosts , hackers and deaths ?! I would have to watch this movie about 2 more times because it the
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