Avalanches can cause terrible disasters whether it be for climbers, people skiing, snowmobiling or snowboarding. Every year more than one hundred fifty people die from avalanches. (“Avalanches”) If someone is in an avalanche they should try to get of the path of the avalanche, otherwise they should try to find a tree, if there is not a tree, they should try to stick a hand in the air to make it easier for someone to find them. (“Avalanches”) According to National Geographic when the snow stops they it hardens like concrete making it hard to move if someone was stuck. If someone is still buried in the snow for more than two hours it is unlikely that they will survive. (“Avalanches”) In conclusion Avalanches can cause terrible disasters.

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Avalanche poem


As multiple tons of snow come crashing down

no one under is safe and sound

Within a few heartbeats five seconds elapse

already traveling 80 miles per hour after its collapse

Thundering down the mountainside charging it goes

when it will stop no one knows

From summit to floor it seeks to travel

and showing no sign that it may unravel

As seemingly inevitable escape brings more despair

the traveler searches through the chilling air

With one option left to go

the traveler braces for the impact from the incoming snow

With a force like lead from bits like sand

the figure quickly stuck up a hand

Waiting there unable to budge

standing, waiting not holding a grudge

With visions from things that have already past

the cold seemed to cut like shards of glass

As the figure stood only head and arm unsubmerged

two hours past without a word

And when the flare of hope is but a spark

A light in the distance relights the hearth

The sound of footsteps coming close

as a dog came up with a man with a bright orange coat