Payge Jones

Always be your self!:)

Who am I ?!?!?!?

I am some one who has a high self-esteem I am some one who interests are being out side and being with friends and family I am also some one who doesnt really like to learn with papers and books i like to learn hands on.

The question "Why should all of these things be conssidered when deciding on a career?"

I think because if you dont have these things then some places might not hire you.

My Career as a vet

As a vet I will work with aniamls
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My Career....

*My career i will be working with aniamls.

*I will be getting paid about $14.56 dallors an hour

*The cluster my career is in is Agulculture

*My work schedule would be depend on wear I worked

*My work envoirment would mainly be inside but it might be outside

*The intresting part bout my career would be working with differnt types of aniamals

How do I get there

I dont know which collage I woulod go to. I would like to go to the U of A, that is in fort smith, Ar. I would like to go to this collage because it is close to home. I will ned a bacalures degree. I dont no how much it will cost.