By Kolten Haney

What is it?

Anti social personality disorder is a chronic mental condition where a persons way of thinking, perceiving situations related to others are dis-functional.

Treatments and who gets it


Currently medications for anti social personality disorder has not been approved by the FDA. But a few things that can help is psychotherapy and has helped some with there case. but since all people are different there is no true medicine.

Who gets it?

It begins to develop during childhood because this is a major part of a persons life. This is the stage that you begin to develop a personality. Due to environment and the people the person is around can cause the development.


Currently there is no cure for the disorder but the very few treatments out there can help.

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Interesting facts

Due to the nature of the disorder. Alot of serial killers say they have Anti social personality disorder for there wrong actions. Some of these killers are such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy. Though not everyone turns to drastic measures, but most go into a life of crime without proper treatment.

Ongoing research/Controversies

many who study disorders overlook this one due to the overlapping nature of it. It has many similarity to multiple personality disorders and they be leave it could just be a combination of them all.