China Culture

Ryan M, Sean N


Culture Intro

Culture is the way that people in a group live and do things that have to do with religion, writing, architecture, innovations, and/or achievements. The main purpose of culture is to make groups unique. We also have culture so people with different beliefs or religions can all be in different groups. Religion was a huge part of daily life and basically controlled it. Writing change lots of business such as creating many new jobs. Architecture changed how the ancient chinese studied mathematics, science, and engineering. Innovation allowed the creation of jobs and created a wider gap in social classes. And also, achievements helped create complicated economic and military systems. The culture developments during the River Valley Civilizations made the largest impact on people.

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Fact Sheet: Achievements

Achievements paved the way for more complex economic and military systems.

  • Great Wall of China was a huge achievement for Ancient China. Emperor Shi Huangdi from the Qin Dynasty made tens of thousands of people help build this huge wall to protect the northern border from invaders. The tens of thousands of people even included soldiers. Also the Han Dynasty created a huge wall on the west, through the Gobi Desert. The Great Wall of China was continued through the Ming Dynasty and today is about 4,000 miles long.

    • It helped them conquer because other empires couldn’t conquer them because of the wall.

  • They created their own writing which was a great achievement because it made it easier to communicate with each other which changed the economic system. Ancient chinese writing developed a lot overtime but their language is pictographs which is drawn pictures of the thing they are trying to write. In ancient chinese time the writing was very simple strokes, now it is very complex strokes. The writing made it easier for the people to communicate to people far away.

  • They created their own currency system which made the economic system more complex because you didn’t have to barter with someone you could use money. Money was also used for taxes. Shells were used as the first currency then they made copper coins. The copper coins that the people made changed currency forever.