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Weekly Newsletter

Dear Parents,

I would like to take the time to thank everyone who attended and or donated items for our fall festival. It was nice to see all of the children dressed up as their favorite book character. The fall festival was a great way for us to interact with each other and the students.

We have many fun activities in store for our students, and I am sure they are all eager to share them with you. In Social Studies, we are learning about community workers. In class we are going to dress up as the community worker we look up to and act out what they do in their daily jobs. In Science, we are learning about the life cycle of butterflies. We are watching a video that shows the life cycle of butterflies. For Language Arts, we are learning about words that rhyme together. This week in Math we are learning about location words. We are learning to find objects using "over", "under", "above", "on", "in front" etc.

I have asked the boys and girls to look for their favorite toy. Once they have found it, they have to take a picture of where it was at and bring the picture to school on Friday. If you do not have a camera please let me know so we can make arrangements for that. You always have the option to take the picture with your phone and just email or text it to me. We are going to share with everyone where we found our favorite toy and make a "Photo Gallery" with the pictures. It will be greatly appreciated if you help your child with this activity.

Have a nice week!

Jessica Pantoja

Don't forget about the Book Fair that's going on this week!